Coach Ethan’s small penis


26 min.

This video features flexing, pecs bouncing, forgetting ones name, small penis humiliation, choking, hands frozen in place and feet to floor, waking up realizing one is naked, nudity, stripping down, and more.


“The Coach Ethan is probably the best hypnosis video to date. Loved the acting and the emphasis on the embarrassment/humiliation. Keep up the embarrassing content.”

The script below is custom and some changes have been made to it in the final product. For example. the fundraiser is for a collegiate wrestling team not a high school team. Also, Ethan does not jack off in front of the camera but turns away so you only see his ass.

Dr Smith (facing the class): Good morning everyone, My name is Dr. Smith and I am Jon’s Father (hi Jon) and also an hypnotherapist. So instead of talking about my job for this high school’s “career day” i figured it would be better to just show you. Now to start, I will need a volunteer from this class (looking around) Anyone? (Looking around some more) Really no-one?! (Looking at someone in particular) You over there!

Ethan (from the audience): Are you fucking blind! Do I look like a teenager? I‘m the teacher of this class as well as the biology and s gym teacher at this high school. Pick a student or another parent!

Dr. Smith: Oh we have the teacher over there! Come in front of the class sir! It will be fun!
Ethan (still from the back): No no no, but take your son, I gave that punk detention earlier, he will gladly

come on stage in my behalf…

Dr. Smith (cuts him off mid-sentence): I can’t hypnotize my son, everyone will think he’s pretending! Come on big guy if you are a teacher here. Show your students how it‘s done, don‘t be shy out! Everybody! Give a big round of applause for your teacher!

Ethan comes reluctantly in the front while saying this is stupid. He‘s wearing whatever a teacher would be wearing.

Dr. Smith: Great. First what‘s your name and how old are you? Ethan: I‘m Ethan and I‘m (states his age).
Dr. Smith: Ok Ethan, have you been hypnotized before. Ethan: No, never

Dr. Smith: Perfect! What are your thought on hypnotism?

Ethan (arrogant tone): Well I think for those type of shows, most of the times the „volunteers“ are actors hidden within the audience and work with the hypnotist. I also heard „hypnosis“, if it really exist… doesn‘t work on the strong minded and confident people. That‘s why I did not want to come on stage, I didn‘t want to embarrass you in front of your son and his friends when your „little tricks“ would not work on me.

Dr. Smith: You didn‘t want to embarrass me? (laughing), well that should be interesting.

Ethan: Well yeah, I mean, you should have taken one of those snowflakes students, but I‘m double your size buddy. There‘s no way a skinny little man like you can hypnotize me and put me under his control. That‘s nonsense. I‘m one of the toughest teacher here, ask them (show audience)! I give orders my man, I don‘t receive them!

Dr Smith: Ok ok (still laughing), let us test that theory. Now Ethan, I am going to take out a pendulum and I want you to follow it very closely with your eyes. (Dr. Smith swings the pendulum in front of Ethan’s eyes) Watch it as it swings back and forth. Back and forth. You are feeling really relaxed and receptive to my voice. I will count backwards from ten and then you will fall into a deep sleep. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7- 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1. Ethan falls into a trance. I want him to say something like „You are losing your time, it won‘t work on me“ before falling under. And Dr. Smith begins addressing the audience.

Dr. Smith (to Audience): Good, Ethan is out for the moment. So I’ll be honest, I picked Ethan here because my son told me he’s an awful teacher. I heard he’s making half the school fail their class and loves giving detentions without reasons. He even used corporal punishment sometimes! I’m sure the other parents will agree that we need to teach some humbleness into this big guy for the sake of our children. Let‘s start with some basics shall we?

Dr. Smith turns to Ethan and goes through the standards of not believing he’s been hypnotized, and forgetting his name. The last order should go like: “So my son told me you don’t believe in evolution, so everytime I say the word monkey, you will act like one. Dr. Smith should then lead the conversation into why he doesn’t wanna teach evolution and that it doesn’t makes sense for a biology teacher to refuse to do that. Ethan should answer with a conservative approach with Adam and Eve and the Bible etc. Saying he and humans comes from Adam and not from Monkey, all the while acting like one when triggered. I want Ethan to condescendingly say stuff like „see it didn’t work“ and „sorry to have ruined your demonstration“ or „this must be so embarrassing for you pal“. He won‘t know why he is still needed in the front and be confused why he can‘t remember his name and why his student are laughing at him after he acts like a monkey/gorilla. I want him to be increasingly annoyed by the laughing, starting with „why are you little pricks laughing?“ to „if you don‘t stop, I‘m gonna give you more detentions. And you want another good spanking?!

Dr. Smith: Sleep! (Puts an annoyed Ethan under trance).
Dr. Smith (to audience): Now Ethan is in a very receptive state again. He seems to be an excellent subject,

so it is time to move on to the main portion of today’s demonstration.

Dr Smith (to Ethan): Now Ethan for our first trigger. If you believe so hard that you come from Adam, let’s have you closer to how Adam looked like: So when I say the word “Strip” you will remove an article of clothing and not realize that you are doing it. You will do so until you are down to your underwear. Adam was fully naked but we’re in a classroom here.

Second trigger: Because you seemed very proud earlier of how much bigger and muscular you are compared to me. Let’s have you prove it! So when I say the word “Flex”, you will flex for a few moments without realizing that you are doing so. When I say the word bounce, you will bounce your pecs and not understand why. When I say the word “Wake”, these commands will take effect. Wake!

Ethan wakes up and Dr. Smith begins the demonstration alternating strip, bounce and flex commands. Ethan removes his shirt, shoes, socks, pants, and flexes in between, while Dr. Smith asks him a variety of personal questions. Ethan should sound very conservative: Say things like he’s the only good teacher here because he is not a liberal snowflake. I want him to sound arrogant, homophobic and sexist, say he‘s straight and that he needs to teach those youngsters how to be a real man, doesn‘t like faggots looking at him during gym class. Make him also talk about how he was a popular jock back in the day and was a football and wrestling star through high school and college. He should be despicable so his humiliation is deserved, you could also make him a racist and a trump supporter. During all this, Ethan is oblivious to what he is doing and is sure he is still wearing his clothes. Once down to his underwear, Dr. Smith is impressed and remarks Ethan’s large bulge (the sock) and comment on how well hung Ethan looks and that‘s maybe why gays look at him. To that. I want Ethan to agree and brag that yeah, he has nothing to be ashamed of down there but he only shows it to the hottest babes of the world. After that, an annoyed Dr Smith puts Ethan back to sleep.

Dr. Smith (to the audience): Now this is not a strip club, so I will stop there, but look at him! You‘re teacher might be an arrogant prick, but considering his physical form we can understand why! No doubt he’s also the gym teacher of this high school! And look at that monster bulge! I’m sure some mothers over there wished their husbands to be that size haha!

Dr. Smith (back to Ethan): Ethan, when I wake you again, I am going to start chatting with you some more. About 10 seconds into our chat, you will suddenly realize that you are standing in front of your students in just your underwear. You will be embarrassed and freaked out and start putting your clothes back. Wake!

Ethan wakes up and Dr. Smith engaged in some brief chat. Ethan suddenly realizes he is in his underwear and freaks out. He snatches his clothes and starts getting dressed, shouting at and insulting Dr Smith with words like „pervert“ „faggot“ and „jackass“ as well as shouting to the audience that he‘s gonna make them regret if they don’t stop laughing. He gets pretty much dressed when Dr. Smith says „look now who‘s embarrassed“ while laughing. To that remark I want Ethan to look at Dr. Smith with murderous eyes and suddenly grab Dr. Smith throat with one hand and starting to choke him while saying menacingly „I‘m gonna kill you fucker!“

Dr. Smith (choking): Sleep! Ethan releases Dr. Smith and he coughs while trying to regain his breath. Dr. Smith (to audience while still a bit panting): That asshole… big mistake… Usually that would have been enough to teach humility to cocky bastards. But it seems your jackass of a teacher really needs to be taught a lesson, so now we are going to really have some fun with this idiot. If any of you have cell phones or cameras, I would suggest having them at the ready because you are definitely going to want to get this for posterity.

Dr. Smith (to Ethan): Now Ethan. When I wake you again, you will think that you just finished giving a gym lesson and are back in your private locker room. So you’re gonna undress completely and shower. Don’t forget to strip off everything and soap everywhere, especially on that big cock of yours to get it clean. Wake!

Ethan begins to absently undress while complaining about his students and their parents. (The imaginary shower head should be facing the class). He gets back down to his underwear but before he takes them off, he takes the rolled up sock out of his underwear and drops it on the floor. Dr. Smith looks surprised and says „WTF“?! And he picks up the sock. That’s when Ethan finally strips them off and is completely naked, revealing a very small dick and starting to casually “shower”. When Dr. Smith sees Ethan’s small dick, I want him to start to laugh hysterically. Ethan on his part is showering. I want him to pay attention to “soap” himself everywhere, especially his dick. I want him to turn around and “soap his ass”, it would be great if while he was back to the audience, he could bend over to “soap” his legs and feet, so we can see his bent over ass and balls from behind. After that, Ethan should turn back to face the audience as dr. Smith slowly pulls himself together and put Ethan back to sleep .

Dr. Smith to the audience while trying to repress laughters: I can’t believe it, this is too good. Someone didn’t evolve down there! It looks like your dick of a teacher doesn‘t have much dick at all. That fool was stuffing his underwear hahaha, this is too funny. Did you kids know? To think he was bragging about how well endowed he was earlier. What a fraud, well I think we should do a public service and expose that arrogant liar. You kids are still filming? Ok

Now Ethan, it was very nice of you to expose your tiny „secret“ to us, but I think the whole world needs to know the truth! So I want you to feel as proud of your small cock as you are of your muscular body. You are so proud of your physique that you will use your naked body to teach today’s biology class on the male anatomy. You will flex to show your muscles and name them for your students. You will end your lesson by using your own tiny dick to talk about the male genitalia. Make sure to point out how small it is compared to your big muscles and make sure that your students are filming the whole thing! Wake!

Ethan wakes up and is in full authority teacher mode. Very aggressive and screaming: “Silence the lesson has begun, hey shut up you little pricks”!, today’s lesson will be about the male anatomy. I see most of you are already filming with your phones but the others should start too as well because today’s lesson will be part of next week’s test. Don’t forget to upload the videos on the school’s website as well as for the other classes!”

Ethan then can start flexing and naming random muscles all the while commenting on how big they are and how good and defined he looks and that “you guys should be jealous!” Then he can go to the genitalia part and start describing his dick and balls. I want him to point out that on a regular adult man, the penis should be double his size. I want him to tell the audience to pay attention on the focus and the zoom, because it’s so tiny that it’ll get blurry on camera otherwise.


It would be great if you put ice on Ethan‘s dick for a while just before so it is really shrunken so that it really looks small for the closeup. He could even do some pushups and squats before, so that the blood gets away from his dick to shrink it a bit.

Ethan describes his dick and balls and how small tiny they are. It would be good if you guys look up the penis parts in a book, so Ethan can land a couple scientific terms. He should then say at one point “Stop

laughing, you little snowflakes are just jealous at how small my dick is. Maybe if your cocks were as tiny as mine you would hit the gym more and look as good as I do!

After that and to close the segment, Ethan should say something like “So after the genitals there is still one part of the male anatomy we haven’t seen”. Ethan should then turn around with his back facing the class. I‘d like him to spread his legs wide and bend over while spreading his asscheeks. It‘ll be great if we can see his face between his legs and hear him say „so this is the anus! make sure you focus on my butthole when you record, it’s also the best angle to admire my tiny testicles“ I‘d like Dr. Smith to be laughing most of the time and be surprised by some of Ethan‘s humiliating position. After the asshole thing Ethan is put under again.

Dr. Smith: repeats the earlier effect of waking Ethan up and having him realize he is completely naked in front of his students and their parents. I want Ethan to really act shocked and at loss of words when he realized how he exposed and humiliated himself. He should freak out and first cover his junk to hide himself, then clumsily grab his clothes without getting dressed. I also want him to remember how he exposed himself to his students before and order them (shouting) to delete their footage and that his cock is NOT SMALL. He really should look distressed there. But before he can put anything back on or attack dr. Smith again, Dr. Smith puts him under.

Dr Smith: (to the audience): Ok, well he‘s saying he isn‘t small but well, that‘s not what we are seeing with our naked eyes here haha. I have an idea to clarify that point! Dr. Smith proceed to place Ethan‘s hand behind his head. He then tells Ethan that when he wakes, he will believe his hands have been glued behind his head, and that his feet will feel like they are nailed to the floor. Now matter how much he wants to escape, he cannot get his hands nor feet to cooperate. Dr. Smith then wakes up Ethan

Ethan is pissed that he is naked and can’t cover his dick and frantic that he cannot get his feet to move, I want to see him visibly struggling while trying to move and escape. He notices his students are still filming him and is embarrassed and tell them they if they don’t stop now and delete everything they are all getting detention until the end of the year (of course they continue filming). Dr. Smith begins to oil up and worship Ethan, who is furious and sputtering the whole time, i want him to insult Dr. Smith like earlier, but also react and threaten random audience members like „Put down you’re camera John. I knew you were a faggot, you‘re gonna jerk off to that later with your pervert dad huh?!“ or „Stop taking pictures Stacy, I know you‘ve probably never seen a naked man before in your life you ugly fat-ass!“. And of course the „I‘m gonna kill you all if I find a single picture of me gets out of this classroom!“. It is important that he just doesn’t stand there still while all this happens. I want to see him trying to escape by wiggling and jerking his body. I also want him to say his dick is not small. That it only looks small because he‘s so tall and muscular, and that it‘s chilly in there and it looks bigger normally. To that I want dr. Smith to ask Ethan why he stuffed his underwear with a sock then. After a pause Ethan answers while stuttering that it was cold today and it‘s comfortable „you should try“.

Dr. Smith: Ok well, if your cock is not small then you won‘t see any problem we measure it. Can I have a ruler there please?!

Ethan: Wait what?! No please, you can‘t do that stop! I want Ethan to struggle a bit to try to avoid dr. Smith grabbing his dick to measure. Don‘t fucking touch me! Fucking perv! I‘ll kill you faggot! I‘ll kill you all!!!

Dr. Smith: Stand still or I‘ll make you!

Ethan reluctantly stop moving.


This is the „money shot“. So it would be great if you put ice on Ethan‘s dick again for a while just before so it is really shrunken. He could also do a couple of pushups and other upper or lower body exercises to get his blood in those muscles and away from his dick, making it even smaller. Ideally dr. Smith is holding the ruler at Ethan‘s dick to measure it. We have to see the number of inches in the shot, but don‘t be afraid to cheat and „compress“ Ethan‘s penis against his body to make him lose length, the smaller the better, but it still has to look realistic!

Dr. Smith laughing to the audience: Well that‘s XX inch, seriously that‘s tiny. We just measured it, You can‘t argue with math!

Ethan (Very embarrassed and upset): It‘s cold in here and it‘s soft. I‘m also fucking embarrassed and humiliated of course it‘s small now! It gets way bigger you retard!

Dr. Smith: That‘s a fair point, well, there is only one way to find out. Thanks for the idea!
To that, I want to see the realization on Ethan‘s face and him saying: Wait no please! You can‘… and be put

on sleep mid-sentence.

Dr. Smith (to the class): Well, it looks like my hypnosis demo just became a sex education lesson for you all!

Dr. Smith (to ethan): Ethan, as you pointed out so nicely it is not fair to judge you on your tiny soft penis. I‘m really doubting your pathetic little acorn cock can grow to become a full tree but let‘s give you a fair trial! So when you wake up, I want you to jerk off like you do at home until you get a full erection, then you will stop and present you hardon so I can measure it, after that, because I‘m a nice guy, I‘ll let you jerk off to completion so you can get some release. Also I think your students and I are really wondering how much semen such a tiny set of balls can actually produce! Wake!!!

After he wakes. I want Ethan to start jerking off with two fingers (thumb and index). He should do really small movements (accentuate or fake how small he is). It is important that he doesn’t grow, so don’t hesitate to put ice on his penis and change angles as well as wide shots and closeups so you can cut as many takes as possible together, so he has time to soften with the help of ice if he gets excited. Doctor Smith should laugh and comment on his two fingers technique while looking at his watch from time to time. I‘d like Ethan to still be conscious of what he is doing. I want him to first say „No no no, this can‘t be happening“ to himself, then threaten Dr. Smith (again) as well as order the audience (his students) to stop filming and look away! Stop looking!. When it doesn‘t work. I want him to bargain, offering money to Dr. Smith for him to stop. Finally, when he tried everything. I want him to break a bit emotionally and just beg Dr. Smith to let him go and that he‘s had enough as well as beg the audience to put there camera down while starting to sob. I want his sobbing/crying to go louder as it drags on while saying „no, no, no…“ in the end It is important that he‘s not whining while standing still, their must be a visible physical reaction, like his body must be trembling from the ordeal and the sobs. A realistic and complete nervous breakdown!

When Ethan has been crying while still jerking his limp dick for a bit. I want Dr. Smith to say:

Well it doesn‘t look like your Big Teacher’ tiny penis can get hard. That little dick is really useless. I have other appointments for work today so I can‘t wait any longer! Sleep!

Dr. Smith (to Ethan): Now Big guy, when I wake you up, you will be free to move at will. You will not physically confront me, but you will be incredibly embarrassed and upset about what has happened. You will run off the stage clutching your clothes. You will always remember what happened and live with this shame all your life, knowing your small secret has been exposed to the world forever. But you won‘t be able to talk nor complain openly about tonight‘s event, meaning you won‘t be able to take any type of legal actions against me, or your students as a matter of fact. Wake!

Ethan wakes up, he is upset and humiliated. (I want him to be defeated and crying, but still stating with a trembling voice that the whole class will fail this year and that he‘s gonna sue dr.Smith for all he is worth). I want dr. Smith to say „good luck with that“ to that last remark. Ethan then grabs his clothes and runs off stage shouting the whole way

Dr. Smith (to the audience): Well I think it has been my best session yet, I couldn‘t have hoped for a better participant than Ethan and his tiny dick! I hope you enjoyed my demonstration and it made you consider becoming a hypnotherapist as a career. I think Ethan is going to be a way better and fairer teacher now. But just in case, I have not deactivated the earlier triggers, so don’t hesitate to make him act like a monkey, flex and strip when he gets too cocky! He won’t be able to resist no matter what! Not even if you decide to strip him completely naked in public! (Maybe here we can hear a „fuck you“ from Ethan off camera a this moment, when he’s back in the audience and have dr. Smith react by laughing and say „Come on Ethan… Everybody now knows you can’t fuck anyone with that cock of yours! You‘re clearly the one who‘s fucked now!

Game over big guy!




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