Clayton becomes a believer – ALL NEW (reviews)


21 min.

Note: I had one of the best time ever shooting with Clayton. The guy is a natural actor and just so damn handsome. Think you will all really love this video as its fun and sexy.


“I think Clayton may be one of my new favorite models. His video was hilariously fun and he was such a joy to watch! He seemed so natural and looked like he had a great time. The only thing I would’ve wanted to see was some more of him flexing because his body and muscles are AMAZING!!! So damn sexy. Can’t wait to see more videos with Clayton (and/or B-roll of his flexing) in the future! ;-) Thanks y’all for another fantastic treat!”

“Clayton is a natural in front of the camera. The chemistry between Dr. Smith and Clayton are off the charts, and you can see the trust in Clayton for the entire video. Clayton is probably not American I think, and he is seen very friendly, sociable and a great housemate. His body is also great, trimmed on his chest and shaven on his armpits, and then combined with his muscles, he is damn hot! He also followed the suggestions given to him close to a tee. The suggestions given to him while he is awake is a great touch. Definitely want to see more of him, or even a custom to fulfill my fantasy.”

This is a custom video and some elements have been changed from the script below in the final product.

Scene 1: Living Room 

Nick is topless and only wearing shorts. Nick is working out his abs with sit ups, and once he is done, he is checking out his abs in the mirror and Dr. Smith walks in and see that.

Nick is very shy about showing other his abs, so he puts on his tank top once he notices that Dr. Smith walks into the living room. He then continues to do biceps curls instead. 

Nick: Hey Dr. Smith, not working today? I did not know that you are at home today. Is Eric home? I hope you guys do not mind me working out in the living room. 

Dr. Smith: Hey Nick, I am not working today. I do not think Eric is home either. I have no issues with you working out in the living room at all. I hope that you are settled in, and it will feel like home soon. How long have you been working out?

Nick: I love your place and I am glad that you and Eric accepted me as your housemate. I have been working out since college, and I love the high when I work out. Dr. Smith, do you work out? We can train together in the future.

Dr. Smith: I wish to work out more often. I do not mind going on an occasional jog in the park with you. 

Nick: That is a great plan. (Still doing biceps curls). But Dr. Smith, I am not feeling much motivation today, maybe I am just not in the mood to workout. 

Dr. Smith: What happened? Am I disturbing you? I can come back later if you want.

Nick: No no no Dr. Smith, it is me. 

Dr. Smith: Nick, I am a master hypnotherapist, and I can help you with motivation. I can even give you suggestions to make you lift better with the weights.

Nick: Wow, I only thought hypnosis is just for fun, just people doing crazy stuff like forgetting their numbers or talk like a puppy. I did not know it can do that. Should we talk about it when you are free?

Dr. Smith: I have no clients today, so I am free now if you want to talk.

Nick: (Put down the dumbbells) Sure, I would very much like to try hypnosis. And Dr. Smith, I really appreciate you helping me out. I am just worried that it does not work for me. 

Dr. Smith: Nick, I am very good at what I do. I can send you into deep hypnosis very quickly, but we can start slow.  Leave it to me. Come, take a seat at the couch, get comfortable and we shall start. 

Scene 2: Couch

Nick is seated down on the living room couch, anxious about it. 

Dr. Smith: Nick, I can see that you are anxious, but do not worry, sit back and relax and let me help you as much as I can. We can start with simple suggestions to convince you first before we start on improving your strength and motivation in the gym. 

Nick: Sure. I will do my best as I can also. 

Dr. Smith does the swinging pendulum, like what he did with Chuck. Dr. Smith will have Nick hands float in the air and then drop sending Nick into a deep hypnosis. Nick is in deep hypnosis, head down and eyes closed. 

Dr. Smith: Nick, I am going to wake you up in a moment, when I do, everything that I ask of you, you will do accordingly. You will not be able to resist. Do you understand?

Nick: Yes Sir. 

Dr. Smith: Wakey wakey. Nick, how do you feel now?

Nick: I feel that I have slept for 8 hrs, was I out that long?

Dr. Smith: No, you were in deep hypnosis. You were only out for about a minute. Hypnosis is already working for you. Nick, stand up and let us continue this session. 

Scene 3: Back in the living room

Nick and Dr. Smith are standing up. And Nick is facing the camera.

Dr. Smith: I have already taken control of your muscles, and I will increase your strength shortly. Do not worry, before that I will prove hypnosis to you. Sleep. (Nick closes his eyes and puts his head down) 

The following stuff to be done between Dr. Smith and Nick. Suggestions

Nick is under and Dr. Smith tells him that when he wakes and hears his finger snap once he will think he was just pinched in the butt. Dr. Smith then wakes Nick up and then gives the trigger 1 time during normal conversation about hypnosis. Nick will feel the pinch immediately and feel amazed. He will tell Dr. Smith that he is puzzled how he could feel the pinch. 

Dr. Smith then tells Nick that when he hears Dr. Smith’s fingers snap twice he will feel like his mouth is glued shut for 5 seconds. Dr. Smith will then snap his fingers twice and Nick feels the pinch was unable to speak. He points at his mouth with a weird expression and then wonder why he keeps feeling like something is pinching his butt and is caught off guard when his mouth is glued shut. Dr. Smith then snapped his fingers twice 2-3 times halfway through a normal conversation and cut Nick off while he is talking. 

Then Dr. Smith will put Nick to sleep. He will then ask Nick to remove his tank top and drop it on the floor nearby. Nick is awoken.

Nick will realize that he is topless now and amazed. Dr. Smith will then say the next statement and Nick will follow without being able to resist. 

Dr. Smith will instruct Nick’s hand to float towards the ceiling and “tied together” at the top. Nick tries to resist but unavailable to. Once Nick is tied, Nick is then given a freeze instruction. Dr. Smith will worship Nick’s chest and armpits. 

Dr. Smith will then unfreeze Nick and he does not seem to know what happened while frozen. 

Dr. Smith will then point at Nick like a wizard and instruct Nick to flex his front double biceps. Nick will instantly move into the front double biceps pose, and Dr. Smith will freeze him again. Dr. Smith will then worship his shoulders, his biceps/triceps, chest and abs again. Once worship is done, Dr. Smith will put Nick to sleep so that his hands can rest at his sides.

Dr. Smith will then ask Nick to remove his shorts and drop it nearby. Dr. Smith will then change the trigger of snapping his fingers for Nick to feel a pinch on his nipples instead. When Dr. Smith say “bounce”, Nick will pec bounce for a good 5 seconds. When Dr. Smith say “abs”, Nick will flex his abs hard for 5 seconds also.  Dr. Smith will then wake Nick up and Nick will realized that his shorts are now removed, but Nick being an athlete he is still comfortable. Dr. Smith will then say bounce, abs and snap his fingers while continuing the hypnosis conversation. Nick is amazed that he must bounce his pecs and flex his abs, but he will express that he is not comfortable feeling his nipples being pinched. 

Dr. Smith will ask if he can touch Nick on the nipples, and Nick will politely decline. Dr. Smith will respond saying that hypnosis will not work if the subject is uncomfortable with it. Dr. Smith will then put Nick to sleep. 

Dr. Smith will then suggest that Nick will now like the feeling of being pinched on his nipples as well as he will want to worship his own body and he will ask Dr. Smith to join in when he touches his Nick’s nose. Nick is awoken and all of that transpires and then he is put to sleep.

Scene 4: Continues in the living room

Dr. Smith: Next, we are going to go through a round of speed hypnosis. You will just do everything that I say. You will feel normal, you are yourself in every way, but you will not be able to resist my words and will do whatever I say. Do you understand?

Dr. Smith: You will now lose all energy in your arms, and you will not be able to control them at all. 

Nick will then sway his body, but his hand will just swing by his sides without control. He will try to lift his hands up but to no avail. 

Nick: I want to gain strength, not lose it. This is so strange. 

Dr. Smith will now takes one of his arms and on his head, and then take the other and put on his chest.

Dr. Smith: Your hands are now stuck. Try to move your hands if you can,

Nick will try very hard to move his hands. His head or his chest will move with his hands, but it remains stuck. 

Nick: Now my hands are stuck. Unstuck me please?

Dr. Smith: The moment I clap my hands, you will be unstuck immediately. 

Dr. Smith will then clap his hands, and Nick will have a sudden movement of removing his hands from his head and his chest.

Dr. Smith: When I count down from 3 to 1, you will feel hot in your crotch, and you will do whatever you need to cool off. 3, 2, 1!. 

Nick will pull open his shorts, flap the shorts to try to cool down. He will then take off his shorts. He will comment that it doesn’t work and said he will pull his underwear down as much as possible. He will then feel relieved that he is no longer feel hot, and continue the conversation with Dr. Smith. 

Dr. Smith: Nick, would you like to resume your biceps curls, but you will find that the weights are way too heavy to lift. 

Nick will then try to do his biceps curls, but the weights remain unmoved. Nick will feel like he might injure his back if he continues to try. 

Dr. Smith: Why don’t you try to wear back your tank top and your shorts, but you will find that even those will become too heavy for you to lift. 

Nick will try to pick his tank top, but he could only lift a very small portion, the rest remains.  Nick will then flex his biceps and say “How can’t such biceps lift my clothes and those light weights? This is so funny.” Nick will also pull up his underwear to see if it still feels hot in his crotch.

Dr. Smith will then help Nick and remove the suggestion that the crotch will feel hot. 

Scene 4: Testing his imagination 

Dr. Smith: Now, let us test your imagination under hypnosis. The moment you blink your eyes, you will have a fully grown beard, a full chest of body hair and a bushy armpit. 

Nick: (Kept touching himself) Oh my god, this is so weird, I am unable to grow this much hair before. I like this look on me. (Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and Nick felt a pinch on his nipples). Omg, this tickling feeling is so different. I like it. Dr. Smith, can you rub my chest and arms?

Dr. Smith then worships him again for a while. 

Dr. Smith: Next you will also have bushy crotch.  

Nick: (Pulls open his underwear and look down) What the fuck dude, what the hell is going on? 

Dr. Smith: This is part of the hypnosis. I am trying to make you improve your imagination. Sleep. (Nick closes his eyes, and head drops) Nick, you will feel comfortable with all the extra hair. Now pull your underwear down as much as possible, but it will be stuck. You will have no strength to pull it up. Wakey wakey. 

Nick (Wakes up, but his reaction now is like Chuck’s). What the fuck dude, what you are doing? (But he kept pulling his underwear, but it is stuck). Why can’t pull my underwear up? Dr. Smith, what is happening? 

Dr. Smith: Do not worry, this is all part of hypnosis, and believe me at the end of session, you will thank me. Sleep.  (Nick closes his eyes and drops his head) The moment you wake up, you will think that you are totally clothed. You will not remember that you are under hypnosis. You will also think that we are in a locker room in at gym, and I look like a huge bodybuilder that you look up to. Wakey Wakey. 

Nick: (Open Eyes and head up) Wow, how did I end up in the gym? Shit, Mr. Olympia is standing in front of me now. Your physique is my favorite among all bodybuilders in the world. Am I dreaming? Any training tips you can share? Wow, look at your chest and your arms, they are huge!

Dr. Smith: Thank you for the compliments. Do you always get so naked and comfortable in the locker room? 

Nick: (confused) Naked? I am in my tank top and my shorts. What are you talking about? 

Dr. Smith: I can clearly see your unshaved chest and your nipples.

Nick: (joking) Looks like my idol has superpowers and can even see through my clothes. 

Dr. Smith: I do have some superpowers; do you want to see more?

Nick: (Not believing). Really? Sure, why not. 

Dr. Smith: Your legs are stuck to the floor.

Nick will try to move his legs but they are stuck. Nick will even use his hands to lift his legs. 

Dr. Smith: How are my powers so far? Your hands will now move to the top of your head, and it will be stuck. 

Nick will now try to move his hands and his legs, and they are all stuck.

Dr. Smith: Now, you will tell me your Instagram password.

Nick: My password is I am NickTheStrong. Oh my god, why did I tell you my password? 

Dr. Smith: You will now be unstuck, but you will have the urge to do squats with your hands in front of you. You will not be able to stop.

Nick will do squats, and complain why he can’t stop. 

Dr. Smith: You will now be push ups instead. 

Nick will immediately move into push up positions, and start doing push ups. 

Dr. Smith: Lastly, you will stand up and flex your biceps. You will also flex your abs for me. 

Nick will immediately stand up, flex one biceps, the other, both of them. He will also flex his abs in various poses. 

Dr. Smith: Like my powers? I can take control of anyone if I wanted to. I can train you to do like me if you want. 

Nick: Really, that is a great superpower, and I don’t mind to become your slave so that I can do as big as you in the future. 

Dr. Smith: Lastly, yours hands will be so tired that they feel heavy. Your hands will slowly drop to the floor. Once your entire body is on the floor, you will fall back to sleep. 

Nick will feel tired suddenly, loses energy , drops to the floor slowly and then fall into sleep. 

Scene 5: Living Room but being imagined as a bathroom. 

(You will need shaving cream and a shaver if possible. If not a trimmer)

Nick is standing in the living room asleep, with his underwear still stuck as low as possible, and a side table with some water, some shaving cream and a shaver. 

Dr. Smith: Nick, you will now think you are in the bathroom alone standing in front of a mirror. You will remember that your chest and armpits are full of hair, and you will want to remove them. You will rub shaving cream on your chest, nipples and armpits and then shave them off.  Once you are done shaving, you will put down your shaver,and fall back to sleep and await your next suggestion. Wakey Wakey. 

Nick will use a trimmer or shaver to trim/shave his chest and armpit hair. He will talk to himself say things like Nick, you look good, you will do great with the weights later. He will end when he remove his chest and armpit hair, and then fall back asleep. 

Scene 5: Last Scene in the Living Room

Nick will now asleep, still in his underwear. He will be all washed up and free of shaving cream. 

Dr. Smith: Now, we are at the end of our first session. When you wake up shortly, all the previous suggestion will be gone. You will feel very motivated to work out everyday. You will feel like you are much stronger also. You will think you can almost lift everything if you wanted to. Also every time Eric or me greets and say goodbye to you, you will unknowingly flex your biceps, and then pull up whatever you are wearing and flex your abs. Before you wake up, please pull up your underwear. (Nick will pull up his underwear) Wakey Wakey. 

Nick: (Wakes up) Wow, I will bursting with motivation and energy. Thanks Dr. Smith. 

He will proceed to wear his tank top and shorts while thanking Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith: Why don’t you try workout with your dumbbells again? 

Nick will go back to his dumbbells and start doing shoulder press to show off his clean armpits. He will comment that he is full of motivation and the weights feel lighter now. 

Nick: These weights feels lighter now. Can I lift you instead? I feel like I can lift anything! 

Dr. Smith will agree and then Nick will lift Dr. Smith overhead. Nick can either put Dr. Smith down on the sofa, the single seater couch or the floor. Nick will also comment that he wasn’t been able to do that as he wasn’t so confident previously. Dr. Smith will then say goodbye, flex his biceps and pull up his tank top and flex his abs. Nick will be confused on why he did that. 

Lastly, he will do that to continue his shoulders press using the dumbbells. Suddenly he will drop the weights again, flex his biceps, pull up this tank top and flex his abs. Meanwhile he will also greet Eric off camera. 


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