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38 min.

This is a custom video and some minor changes have been made to the script below in the final production.


“Not only is Chuck so damn hot with an incredible body, he is friggin’ HILARIOUS. The back and forth with Dr. Smith was just so funny and so natural. And I do have to say that the person who submitted the script is to be commended. I loved every suggestion (especially all the flexing…yum) and honestly, I hope that this script could be used again and again in future videos with different models.  Thank you to all involved in making my new favorite Film 911 video!”

“When Chuck’s videos are posted, you have to pull your $$$ together and get all of his movies! Chuck has an easy banter with you, and he doesn’t overplay the trance elements. As a matter of fact, Chuck is quite believable in the suggestions. You seem to enjoy working with Chuck, and his body is always on point with his hairy muscular goodness. I hope you keep Chuck coming back. I don’t know if he has his SAG card, but he is definitely the best actor at Film911. Maybe, we can get a Chuck Robot sequel or a Beckett/Chuck hypno-collaboration… One can dream!”


1)      I want Chuck to enjoy the suggestions/triggers initially, I want him to laugh about them and joke about what he was made to do.

2)      I want the “forgetting his name part” to be just like the Ollie video.

3)   I want the “hypnosis” trigger to be used throughout the video.

4)      I want the crop top he wears to reveal his nipples and most of his chest – you could take a very tight white undershirt and cut it just under the arm holes to get this effect.

5)      The “underwear sniffing” and the last scene are both mandatory parts of the script.

Chuck (wearing a tight T-shirt (ideally with some writing on it so we can see when it’s inside out), jeans and tighty whities underneath) is greeting Dr. Smith in his office and thanks him for agreeing to be interview for his Twitch livestream. Chuck states he’s a popular gamer and streamer and has over 50 thousand followers and subscribers. He states he thought it would be fun to hire a hypnotist and do a hypnosis session with him live on stream. Dr. Smith agrees and asks what Chuck wants to do while hypnotized. Chuck states he wants to do “something his viewers will never forget” and states he hopes this will increase his subscriber significantly. He also explains that they will be able to see comments and request from his viewers through the chat box on the computer.

Chuck then “sets up” the camera and computer then sits back down in the chair and talks to the camera and introduces himself and Dr. Smith and states that Dr. Smith is a hypnotist and today he’s going to get hypnotized live on stream. Dr. Smith introduces himself to the camera and then takes out a pendulum and begins swinging it in front of Chuck and does a short induction. Chuck, smiling, follows the pendulum and as Dr. Smith counts down from 5 to 1 and once hearing 1, Chuck’s eyes close and his head hits his chest.

Dr. Smith tells the viewers he wants to start with a simple suggestion. He tells Chuck when he wakes after Dr. Smith snaps his fingers, he will completely forget his name, in fact, even if it’s said to him he won’t recognize it as his name. Chuck is woken up and states he doesn’t feel anything and asks if that’s normal. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck for his name and Chuck replies “Chuck”. Dr. Smith will ask if Chuck is sure and Chuck laughs insisting, he knows his own name. Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and asks Chuck again and Chuck looks confused and struggles to remember his name. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck’s name again and Chuck still looks confused before laughing as he admits he can’t remember his name. Dr. Smith will then say Chuck’s name to him in multiple ways like “Chuck, why don’t you remember your name?” or “Chuck, here’s a hint, your name is Chuck” but Chuck will only be more and more confused. Chuck will remark how funny and amazing it is that he forgot his name and will look to the camera, laughing, and admit “Guys, I really can’t remember my name. This is amazing.” As he continues to struggle to remember. Chuck will then ask for his name back.

Dr. Smith tells Chuck when he snaps his fingers, he’ll remember his name but only when he’s flexing. Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and asks Chuck his name as Chuck continues to say he can’t remember it. He then tells Chuck to try flexing and Chuck flexes his biceps and suddenly remembers his name. He laughs asking how he suddenly remembered it. He stops flexing then is asked his name again and can’t remember, but then flexes his biceps and remembers his name. Chuck finds it hilarious that he only remembers his name when he’s flexing. Chuck then decides to try something and flexes his biceps again and begins repeating his name over and over and then stops flexing only to find he still can’t remember his name again. He’ll again remark how amazing it is that he could forget his name but now remembers it only when he’s flexing. Dr. Smith tells Chuck that he’s only seen a taste of what he can do with hypnosis and puts Chuck back to sleep and his eyes close and he collapses back into the chair as his head hits his chest.

Dr. Smith gives Chuck his name back and then gives Chuck two suggestions:

1)      Whenever he hears the word “hypnosis” he’s going to jump up, raise his hands in the air and excitedly yell “FUCK YEAH!” then realize what he did. *When he yells this, I want to see him jump up, put his hands in the air and yell it without laughing – he can laugh after he realizes what he did but not while completing the trigger. Also, I want it to be yelled excitedly like he just saw his favorite team score a goal* ß This trigger should be throughout the video. If he’s standing when it’s said I want him to jump and say it, again, like he’s watching a football game and his team just scored.

2)      Whenever he hears “switch” he is going to believe his shirt is inside out and will take it off, flip it inside out and put it back on. Each time it’s said he’ll repeat this.

Chuck is woken up and Dr. Smith asks if Chuck if he wants to see more of “hypnosis”. Chuck immediately jumps out of his chair raises his hands in the air and yells “FUCK YEAH!”. After he does it, he will wonder why he did it and laugh about it. Dr. Smith will then trigger the “switch” trigger as Chuck looks confused at his shirt and wonders why it is inside out. He takes it off, flips it inside out and puts it back on. Dr. Smith asks Chuck what his “limits” are under hypnosis. Chuck again jumps up and yells “FUCK YEAH!” and then realizes what he did and laughs. Chuck states his channel is only for 18 and older so he can do most anything. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck “Are you OK with getting naked under hypnosis?” and Chuck jumps up and yells “FUCK YEAH” then realizes what he did, he then states he doesn’t want to do any nudity or anything sexual because he doesn’t “do that kind of show”. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck “Are you willing to masturbate for your viewers under hypnosis?” and again Chuck jumps up, raises his arms in the air and yells “FUCK YEAH”. He insists that he was not agreeing to masturbating on camera. He then insists he does not want to do anything sexual.

They continue talking about what Chuck thinks his viewers would want to see as the “hypnosis” and “switch” triggers are used frequently. As the switch trigger is used, Chuck will wonder if Dr. Smith did something to his shirt to flip it inside out and will insist that Dr. Smith did something to his shirt. *At one point I want to see Dr. Smith trigger the “switch” trigger immediately after Chuck puts his shirt back and see him get increasingly confused* Dr. Smith will explain that he hypnotized him to believe his shirt is inside out every time he hears the word “switch”. Chuck will insist that his shirt is inside out, and it is not hypnosis but an issue with his shirt as he, once again, removes it. However, before he can put it back on he’s put back to sleep.

Dr. Smith takes the shirt from Chuck and then puts it into Chuck’s right hand and makes Chuck form a fist around it. He tells Chuck that he will not be able to see or feel his shirt in his hand and will not let go of it. Chuck is woken up and then looks around confused asking where his shirt went (as his shirt is still gripped in a ball in his right hand). Chuck asks Dr. Smith if he took it asks him to give it back. Dr. Smith insists that he didn’t take Chuck’s shirt as Chuck looks around the round and checks behind the chair, the floor, etc. All while still carrying the shirt in his hand and insisting he can’t find it. Dr. Smith will tell Chuck that it’s within 1 foot of where he is and Chuck still looks confused insisting it’s not. Dr. Smith will even wave the hand Chuck’s hold the shirt with in front of his face and Chuck continues to insist he can’t find it. Dr. Smith will tell Chuck that he’s holding his shirt and Chuck will insist he’s not. Dr. Smith will also use the “hypnosis” trigger a few times as he explains he hypnotized Chuck to not be able to see or feel his shirt. Chuck laughs and insists he would know if he was holding his shirt as he looks at his hands and still doesn’t see his shirt.

Dr. Smith then tells Chuck when he snaps his fingers he will be able to see his shirt again, however, he will forget how to put his shirt on. Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and Chuck looks to see the shirt in his hand and acts amazed that Dr. Smith hypnotized him to not be able to see it. He’ll remark how cool it was that he couldn’t see or feel it even though he was holding it. Chuck then tries to put on his shirt but then looks confused and begins playing with it and examining it. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck what he’s doing, and Chuck will admit he can’t remember how to put his shirt back on. Chuck will laugh and find it hilarious and think it’s amazing he could be hypnotized to forget something so simple.

At this point, Chuck will look at the camera as if he’s reading a chat log and say that some of his viewers don’t believe he’s really hypnotized and that he’s just playing along. Dr. Smith insists that he should do something Chuck would never do and states he has a great idea. Dr. Smith puts Chuck to sleep and tells him when he wakes, he’s going to still not remember how to put his shirt on but will now strip to his underwear and not realize it. Chuck is woken back up and immediately begins taking the rest of his clothes off without realizing it as he insists that he’s definitely hypnotized to his viewers. As Chuck stands in just his underwear, completely oblivious oblivious, Chuck struggles to put his shirt on and laughs about it and insists it’s a little embarrassing to be shirtless on stream. They will briefly chat and Dr. Smith will ask Chuck some personal questions about his sex life and Chuck will refuse to answer insisting he doesn’t run “that kind of show”. Dr. Smith will trigger the hypnosis trigger a few times as he jumps up from the chair and yells “FUCK YEAH” and is then put back to sleep and Chuck collapses back down in the chair.

Dr. Smith tells the viewers that they probably want to learn more about Chuck. He gives Chuck the following suggestions:

1)       When he wakes he’s going to answer any question Dr. Smith asks him and believe them to be completely normal questions – answering a question about his masturbation habits will seem as normal as answering a question about his favorite food. *I want him to answer the questions normally as if there’s nothing unusual about the questions*

2)  He’s going to put on the crop top Dr. Smith gives him and believe it to be his normal T-shirt. *Ideally I would like this to be a super high-cut shirt, you could cut a white undershirt to just under the arm holes, but I would for the shirt to be so high it doesn’t even cover most of his chest or nipples*

Chuck is woken up and Dr. Smith begins asking simple questions like how long he’s been with his girlfriend and how long he’s been streaming, but then gets into more sexual questions like what kind of kinks he’s into, how often he masturbates, how big his dick is, etc. Chuck answers the questions as if they’re completely normal as he puts his clothes back on and before he puts his shirt on Dr. Smith hands him a very high-cut crop top and Chuck puts it on as if it’s normal. Once fully dressed, Dr. Smith then puts Chuck back to sleep.

Dr. Smith tells the audience that Chuck has a great body and he should definitely show it off more as he gives Chuck two suggestions:

1)      Whenever he hears “flex” he will flex for his viewers and hold the pose for a few seconds before realizing he did it. *I want him to be aware he was flexing and that he thought he wanted to do it, and remark on what a weird feeling it was and how he couldn’t stop himself from flexing – Ideally I would like him to use different poses each time, but focus on flexing his chest/biceps*

2)      Chuck will not be aware of anything Dr. Smith does to his body or his clothes.

Chuck is woken up and Dr. Smith begins triggering the “flex” trigger as Chuck flexes for the camera and then laughs about it. He’ll find it hilarious that he can’t stop himself from flexing. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck what he wants to see next as Dr. Smith begins feeling Chuck’s biceps to no reaction. As Chuck talks about how he really wants to “push the limits of his mind”, Dr. Smith begins playing with Chuck’s chest and even licking his nipples as Chuck remains unaware. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck if he’s ever done anything with a guy and Chuck will insist he’s straight but he’s got nothing against gay people. Dr. Smith will put Chuck back to sleep.

Dr. Smith tells the audience that they’re about to see how hypnosis can change anything about a person. He tells Chuck upon waking he’s going to believe he’s alone and he has a sudden obsession with smelling used men’s underwear. In fact, he’s going to believe that smelling used underwear is the sexiest thing on the planet and his biggest kink. He will seek out some underwear and “have fun” until Dr. Smith says his name. At this point he’ll realize what he was doing and think it was hilarious. Dr. Smith sets out a hamper with underwear on the floor and wakes Chuck up. *You can just put a basket with some clean underwear in front of Chuck and ruffle them up so they look like they were worn*

Chuck is woken up and looks around to find the basket. He then looks around the room to see if he’s alone then goes to the basket and begins smelling it and getting great joy out of it. He then begins grabbing the underwear and putting his face in it as he smells them and takes huge whiffs of the underwear. While he does it he’ll even begin touching himself as he smells the underwear. Dr. Smith will then call out Chuck’s name and he realizes what he was doing and tosses the underwear back and looks shocked and then begins laughing. Chuck will remark on how he suddenly thought smelling used men’s underwear was the sexiest thing ever. He’ll also state that as he was smelling the underwear, he felt amazing and so turned on. He’ll admit he felt like that was the sexiest thing ever. Chuck will laugh and ask what else Dr. Smith can do. Dr. Smith asks Chuck if he like his girlfriend and Chuck confirms that he thinks she’s “the one”. Dr. Smith then puts Chuck back to sleep.

Dr. Smith now tells Chuck when he next wakes up he will call his girlfriend and immediately dump her and end the call by saying that he loves to suck cock. He’ll then hang up and will never be able to speak to her again as he’ll ignore all phone calls and text messages from her. After he hangs up he’ll realize what he did and be angry, but once Dr. Smith snaps his fingers he will find it hilarious. Chuck is woken up and immediately pulls out his phone and calls his girlfriend, dumps her, and says “Oh, I love to suck cock” and then puts his phone away. He then realizes what he did and acts angry but Dr. Smith will snap his fingers and Chuck will begin laughing about what happened insisting it was hilarious and joke about how he’s now newly single. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck if he wants to call his girlfriend, but Chuck will repeat “I can never speak to her again and I’ll ignore all phone calls and text messages from her”. Dr. Smith puts Chuck back to sleep and tells the Audience now they get to the best part.

Dr. Smith gives Chuck a few suggestions:

1)      Whenever he hears “strip” he’ll need to take off a piece of clothing and realize he’s doing it but not be able to stop himself, however, once he takes the clothing off he won’t remember how to put it back on.

2)      Whenever he hears the word “bounce” he will pec bounce and not be able to stop until Dr. Smith tells him to. He’ll be aware he’s doing it and aware he can’t stop until Dr. Smith lets him.

3)      He will continue to flex when he hears “flex”

4)      Whenever he hears “chicken” he’ll need to cluck like a chicken.

Dr. Smith tells Chuck he’ll be completely aware of all of these triggers as they happen. Chuck is woken up and Dr. Smith begins triggering the above triggers until Chuck is just in his underwear. Chuck finds most of the triggers funny and laughs that he can’t stop himself from doing these things. However, he won’t like the fact that Dr. Smith keeps making him strip off his clothes and will stress that he doesn’t want to get nude on his stream. After Chuck is in his underwear the triggers are used a few more times until Chuck thanks Dr. Smith for his time and states that’s the end of the show. Dr. Smith insists that they aren’t finished just yet.

Dr. Smith tells Chuck upon waking he’s a bodybuilder and will ask Dr. Smith to oil him up as he poses for the viewers. Chuck wakes up and immediately begins flexing and posing for his viewers as he comments on his own body. He then asks Dr. Smith to oil him up and Dr. Smith complies. After he’s oiled up he flexes and poses more until Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and Chuck realizes what he was doing. Chuck laughs and wonders why he was so certain he was a bodybuilder but again insists that they need to wrap the show up. Dr. Smith then tells Chuck that before he goes he’s going to do something to help Chuck increase his viewership.

*This next part is mandatory*

Dr. Smith tells Chuck that when he wakes he’ll need to stay in only his underwear for the rest of his life and will find he will suddenly be able to only think about one thing – how hairy his chest is and how muscular it is. In fact, Chuck is only ever going to be able to think about his hairy chest, he’ll play with it, remark on how hairy he is and how muscular his chest is and will pec bounce. He’ll be able to think about nothing other than his chest and will want to show it off to his viewers. Chuck is woken up and immediately begins examining his chest and feeling it. Chuck begins playing with his chest hair and his nipples and remarks how hairy he is and muscular his chest is. Dr. Smith will ask Chuck what he’s doing and Chuck will only continue talking about how hairy his chest is and how amazing it is as he even begins pec bouncing. Chuck states he just thought up a great topic for his next few videos.

*Cut to Chuck sitting on a couch in front of the camera, shirtless*

Chuck introduces himself to the viewers and tells them he needs to show them all his hairy chest and begins talking about how sexy his chest is, how much hair it has, and how amazing it is to play with. Chuck begins feeling his chest and the chest hair before he begins pec bouncing. The video ends with a Chuck smiling at the camera as he pec bounces and talks more about how sexy his hairy chest is.

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