Cameron + Brad stories


14 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the final product. There are 2 separate videos with one including Cameron and Brad and the second with Dr. Smith and Brad.

Scene 1:

Open: Dr. Smith and Actor are seated at a table in the doctor’s home. The doctor is shuffling cards.

Actor: Thanks for inviting me over to play cards.

Dr: Of course, glad you could make it over. I find playing cards to be very rewarding.

Actor: (dressed in t-shirt, athletic shorts, regular length socks, sneakers)  I really think that our hypnotherapy sessions have made me a better quarterback! The coach tells me all the time how my game is continuously improving since we started the hypnotherapy sessions. Even though I never remember a damn thing from them, they are super relaxing. I really like being under!

Dr: That is great to hear! You have responded very well to the hypnotherapy. I am glad it is working so well for you. You really have adapted to the  athletic conditioning.

The doctor starts to deal the cards. Actor watches as the cards are laid out.

When the doctor lays out a certain card (joker), Actor goes blank, slack jawed and entranced.

Dr: (speaking to himself): chuckles…”yes, actor’s name, your hypnotherapy conditioning sessions have been going very well”.

The doctor picks up the Joker, Actor’s eyes follow the card. Totally entranced. Stationary and blank.

Dr: Actor’s name, whenever I show you this card, you will immediately obey my commands.

Actor: I must obey your commands.

Dr: Actor’s name, I am having some trouble with a particular Detective Marco who knows, but cannot prove, I’ve been, …perhaps…., miss-treating some young men…..some may even have died. You are going to help me deal with this problem.

Actor:  I will help you. I must follow your commands

Dr: Tomorrow night you will go the bar Buddies and seduce Detective Marco and bring him back to your house.

Axel: I will go to Buddies, I will seduce Detective Marco., I will bring him to my house.  I am conditioned to follow you commands.

Dr: (chuckles – to himself)  Yes, you are well conditioned.

Dr: Actor’s name, when you hear this ring tone (lalala) you kill the person in front of you. You will do whatever it takes to kill the person in front of you. . Do you understand?

Actor: I will kill the person in front of me when I hear my trigger. I am conditioned to follow your commands.

  Dr: Let’s make sure your are fully conditioned to follow my commands. I want you to strip down, you will only leave on your boxers and your socks

Actor:  Slowly strips down to his boxer and socks. (blankly watching the joker the entire time). Actor sits back down at the table.

Dr: Removes Joker from Axel’s view.

Axel: (normal and excitedly, unaware that his is only in his boxer and socks) Did I hit 21, did I hit blackjack, didi I win ?!

Dr: You won! !…..I think we both won (with a smile).

Scene 2 (this scene should be the longest time of the video – mostly the wrestling):

Actor and Detective Marco arrive back at Axel’s bedroom. They:

1: undress each other slowly and playfully

2: Nipple play

   3. Bellybutton play

4: compare muscles for size

5: wrestle on the bed -a lot

Actor hears the ring tone (lelele -different from programming), he ignores it and continues to wrestle with Detective Marco.

Scene 3:

The next morning.

The doctor show up at Actor’s room extremely mad.

Dr: (angrily) I gave  you clear instructions, this a major problem for me!!

Actor:  (very concerned) Doctor, what’s wrong. Are your okay?  How can I help?

Dr: I gave you clear, very clear instructions, to kill whoever was in front of you when you heard (lalala)!

Having been given the proper trigger, Actor strangles the doctor, while the doctor struggles and protests.

Actor: I am conditioned to follow your commands.

Dr dies.

Scene: A young man has his hands strapped  to an exam table. The young man is dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and socks. The doctor enters.

Young man: “Hi”.

Dr: “Hello, are you ready to begin?”

Young man: “The judge told me that I can volunteer for your crazy super soldier experiments or go to jail for 3 years. I ain’t never going to be a soldier.”

Young man: “But you can use all the hocus Pocus you want to make me a soldier. Not going to happen!”

Dr: “This technique has been very successful in assisting other young men”.

Young man: “Good luck with making me obey, not going to happen”.

(Concurrent to above): the doctor attaches electrodes to the young man’s head, attaches an IV.

The doctor turns on a strobe light in front to the young man. The young man immediately goes blank. His eyes are heavy but he stares at the strobe light. The young man hears a recurring voice that says, “you are the perfect soldier, you will obey orders”. After the 3rd time he hears it, he repeats, “I am the perfect soldier, I I will obey orders”.

Next scene: the young man is dressed as a soldier and on the exam table. (Very much hope he can be in Camo and have army socks on). The doctor says, “you are an obedient soldier”. The young man responds, “I am an obedient soldier.”

The young man stares straight ahead. The doctor says, “stand-up soldier”. Which the soldier stands up. The doctor points into the distance and says, “Those people are your enemy,  kill them”. The young man points a pistol (ideally water gun) and shoots.

Dr: “Perfect. Now it is the time for the doctor that conditioned you to enjoy themselves”……(do mussels, belly button, etc).

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