Beckett the NFL star – ALL NEW (reviews)


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Video contains a jerk off to completion scene.


“I am honestly surprised how adorable Beckett was in the video?!?! Like, I see the body, that muscly big body, but the way he talks and expresses himself was just so cute! Loved loved loved him! It was such a nice video! Can’t wait for the Mr Latcher one! “

“Beckett the NFL player is such a great video!”

“I decided to buy three of my favorite themes from the Beckett series: Mr. Latcher, Unwilling Escort, and Hypnosis. I’m glad that I made the purchases. Beckett has all the required attiributes to be a favorite at Film 911. He has better than average acting skills to pull off the theme. Of course, Beckett has all the physical attributes that we come here for; he is willing to go fully nude and unafraid of being touched. Points on every level. I also liked Beckett’s interaction with Kyle. He is a solid assistant/costar.”

This is a script submission and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product. VIDEO CONTAINS A CUM SHOT. :)

Beckett (wearing ideally any sports-related or form fitting clothing) greets Dr. Smith at the door asking, “Is Lindsey home?” Dr. Smith is in shock and says, “Come in! I can’t believe I’m meeting Beckett! You’re my favorite football player. This is incredible.” Beckett takes a seat in Dr. Smith’s living room. He is cocky and makes rude comments about the size of the house compared to his mansion and how lucky Lindsay is that she won a date with him through the charity contest and how many people submitted for it. After chatting for a little, Beckett asks, “Where is Lindsey? We need to get going. I have plans tonight with other girls.” Dr. Smith reveals that Lindsey is feeling sick and that he is taking her place for the date since he is a giant fan of Beckett’s. Beckett laughs at Dr. Smith and taunts him on how he would never go on a date with a man and that this was a waste of his time. Dr. Smith argues that the contest said that the winner could give the date to a friend and that she paid thousands of dollars for this that he can’t just walk away. Beckett gets up to leave when Dr. Smith gets in front of him blocking his way with a swinging pendulum in front of Beckett’s face. Beckett asks, “What is that?” Dr. Smith responds, “I am a master. And you are going to be my date. I will count down from 5 and when I hit 1, you will be under my control.” Beckett laughs and Dr. Smith quickly does his countdown and suddenly Beckett closes his eyes and slumps forward.
While in trance, Dr. Smith gives Beckett his triggers he will be following when he awakes at the snap of his fingers. They are as follows:
1.) Whenever Beckett hears his name, he will strike a flexing pose towards the camera and hold it for 5 seconds while saying “Look at this hard body” or “I know you want this.” He will not realize he did this and goes back to talking normally after.
2.) Whenever Beckett hears “locker room” he will remove an article of clothing in a sensual way.
3.) Whenever Beckett hears ‘touchdown” he will do various big dance movements to celebrate and then go back to normal.
4.) Whenever Beckett hears “football,” he will feel the need to briefly play with himself with the actions getting more intense each time this trigger is used.
5.) Whenever Beckett hears “quarterback,” he will get on all fours and show off his butt.
Finally, when Beckett wakes up, he will think Dr. Smith is the most attractive person he’s ever seen and is thrilled to be on a date with him. Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and Beckett becomes awake. Beckett is very flirtatious with pick-up lines and smirking, licking his lips. Saying things like “I hope this isn’t just a one-off date” and “I’m going to cancel all of the other girls later tonight” while Dr Smith has a conversation asking about his legendary football career with all of the touchdowns he scores and what it’s like being the quarterback in the locker room to have the triggers used as often as possible. Once Beckett is naked and having done all of the triggers nude, Dr. Smith says “rest” and Beckett goes back into his trance. Dr. Smith now gives Beckett new commands. He says when Beckett wakes up he will think Dr. Smith is the head football coach of the time and Beckett is trying out to be a football player, forgetting he is a famous one already. Beckett will also forget all of the basic things about football besides the fact that he loves it. Beckett will also realize when he’s awake that he’s naked and will be embarrassed.
The new triggers Dr. Smith gives to Beckett are:
1.)  Whenever he hears his name he will take off a piece of clothing without realizing it.
2.) Whenever he hears “practice” he will fondle his pecs, muscles, groin, anything to be flirtatious with Dr. Smith to try to get him on the team.
3.) Whenever he hears “team” he will say something revealing about himself that only gets more revealing to prove that he can be trusted.
4.) Whenever he hears “catch” he will bounce his pecs.
5.) The final trigger is “you are our new star quarterback” which will have him masterbate.
Dr. Smith snaps Beckett awake who now says ‘Coach Smith” and realizes he’s naked and scrambles to put his clothes back on in a rush that he even puts his underwear on over his pants. Dr. Smith asks Beckett why he’d be a good football player for the team and Beckett stumbles over his words to answer as he frustratedly can’t remember the basics of the game. Dr. Smith goads him on by asking about names of positions and he can’t answer them. Whenever Dr. Smith says things like “how did they even let you play on the football TEAM” some revealing things Beckett could say can be: “Because I would give lap dances to the coach” and “I let all of the teammates watch me in the shower” and “I blew the other players better than the cheerleaders.” After a few rounds of all of these triggers, Dr. Smith says “You are our new star quarterback.” Excited and grateful, Beckett wants to show his appreciation for Dr. Smith and says “Come watch me Coach.” We cut to Dr. Smith’s bedroom where Beckett lies in bed (be great if there can be a wide shot at some point where we see him stroking hard with full body in view) and jerks off while fondling himself and saying things like “You’ll never have a better player like me Coach Smith” and “Every day after practice I can do this for you.” Beckett strokes himself to completion with the cum all over his chest. Dr Smith says “Rest” and Beckett goes into his trance while still cum-covered naked in the bed. Dr. Smith says, “You’ve truly been an excellent date. Now, go to the shower and clean up. When you wake up you will only remember taking me on the most romantic date and that you want to take me on another one. Every day after practice or your games you come back here for your new commands. Now go hit the showers.” Dr. Smith snaps his fingers and Beckett says “this was the best date I’ve ever been on. I’m lucky to have met you Dr. Smith” and Beckett walks to take a shower and clean himself off.