Amir’s job interview – ALL NEW (review + new demo)


This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the final product. You guys/gals are going to love this one cause Amir just nails the role.

Amir (wearing dress shirt/pants, a tie, and tight undershirt – I would really like to see this!) arrives to Dr. Smith house to interview for a job. Dr. Smith explains that he is a magician/hypnotist and has been looking for an assistant. Amir explains he’s trying to get into modelling and hopes this might increase his exposure. Dr. Smith explains that he wants his assistant to help with setting up the trick and also mentions he would like to have his assistant wear only a speedo for the show. Amir states he isn’t sure about that, he doesn’t feel comfortable being half naked on stage or being objectified. Amir also asks about the hypnosis component and wonders aloud if it’s real or just acting. Dr. Smith states they can discuss that further and that he’s sure Amir will come around then takes out a pendulum and begins swinging it. Dr. Smith begins to tell Amir he is unable to focus on anything but his voice and the pendulum and as he counts from 5 to 1 Amir falls into trance *I would like this trance to be the typical head down eyes closed look*. He is told he will remember being hypnotized but think he was just given relaxation techniques then given the following suggestions:

1)      Whenever he hears the word Flex he will strike a pose flexing his arms/chest for 5 seconds then forget he did it. *I would like this to be done like in the Sean Holmes video where he flexed paused and flexed his arms towards the camera then went back to talking immediately where he left off*

2)      Whenever he hears the word strip he will remove a piece of clothing and not realize he’s done it.

3)      Whenever he hears the word “Chicken” he will cluck like a chicken for 5 seconds again not realizing he has done it. *Again, I would like this to be done like in the Sean Holmes video where he clucks and goes back to talking immediately where he left off*

4)      Whenever he hears freeze he will freeze in place but be freely moveable like a mannequin until he hears unfreeze. He will be unaware of what happens while frozen.

5)      Whenever he hears “dance” he will begin dancing (just like he’s at a club or party) and not realize he’s doing it. He will continue until he hears a snap of the fingers.

Amir is woken up and they begin discussing the job. Amir states he’s uncomfortable with nudity and rather not be the center of attention. They discuss pay, the schedule and what his outfit will be. Dr. Smith suggests again that Amir should wear only a speedo on stage and Amir again rebukes it and states he won’t get naked. As they talk, the above triggers are used generously in varying states of undress until Amir is naked with Amir unaware anything unusual is happening *I would like to see all the triggers used while he’s still fully dressed and see the flex trigger used VERY generously here in multiple stages of undress*. The freeze trigger is used multiple times as Dr. Smith repositions Amir’s body (making him suck his thumb, grab his junk, etc.) he will also use this opportunity to worship Amir’s body and lick/feel his chest, biceps and nipples (I would also like to see stuff like used in this video where you have him move and he thinks he “teleported” or putting stuff in his hands and moving them while frozen, or you moving around him while frozen to have him unfreeze and be surprised).  Dr. Smith then asks Amir how he felt about being hypnotized and he will remake he felt it was relaxing and Dr. Smith will tell him he’s still hypnotized. Amir looks confused and asks what he means. Dr. Smith then tells Amir when he snaps his fingers, Amir’s right index finger is going to begin moving very slowly towards his forehead, and once it touches his forehead he will fall back into trance. Amir laughs but snap goes the fingers and his right index finger begins moving towards his forehead very slowly, Amir tries to pull his hand away and asks “what’s happening” and “what’s going on” as he tries to pull his hand away and slow his fingers movement to his forehead. Once, his finger touches his forehead he falls back into trance. Dr. Smith tells Amir he will now be aware of when does the flex and chicken trigger and he then gives Amir the following new triggers:

1)      Whenever he hears “bounce” he will suddenly need to show off his pec bouncing skills to Jay, he will begin pec bouncing and ask Jay to watch as he does it. Once he hears stop he will stop pec bouncing and realize what he was doing.

2)      Whenever he hears “dance” he will start doing a sexy stripper dance *instead of the more tame dancing he was doing before* He will be completely aware of what he’s doing but be unable to stop until he hears stop.

3)      Whenever he hears “dick” he will have an overwhelming urge to point his dick out to Dr. Smith, he will wiggle it, play with it, comment on it, until he hears stop and will realize what he is doing.

 Amir is woken up and mentions how weird it was to have lost control and how he couldn’t stop his finger from heading towards his forehead. Dr. Smith asks Amir if he would like a demonstration of stuff that he usually does in his hypnosis shows and Amir agrees. The freeze trigger is used multiple times as Dr. Smith repositions Amir’s body (making him suck his thumb, grab his junk, etc.) he will also use this opportunity to worship Amir’s body and lick/feel his chest, biceps and nipples.  He then does the same with the Flex and Chicken triggers. Amir is amused by what’s happening and amazed. Dr. Smith then states he likes to get into some R-rated stuff in his show and states he likes to get his subjects naked then tells Amir “When I snap my fingers you will realize your naked but not be angry or upset” then snaps his fingers as Amir realizes he’s naked and embarrassed yet amused. Dr. Smith then triggers the bounce and dance triggers multiple times as he talks about how he always likes to get a hot subject to objectify. Amir becomes more uncomfortable the more he dances and shows off his pec bouncing to Dr. Smith and states he thinks that’s enough. Dr. Smith states he has a couple more things to show him and Amir is then put back to sleep.

Amir is then told upon waking he will find himself slowly turning into an alpha male gorilla, he will beat his chest, climb on the couch, grunt and even eat a banana. Amir is woken up and as they begin talking Amir finds himself starting to grunt, then getting on his hands and knees before completely becoming a gorilla. He is even given a banana by Dr. Smith which he eats messily before being snapped out of it by Dr. Smith. Amir is again confused and thought that he was done with the hypnosis tricks. Dr. Smith states he’s just having innocent fun and triggers the pec and dancing triggers once more before putting him back to sleep.

Amir is then told upon waking whenever he hears classical music he will believe he’s a beautiful ballet dancer until it stops. He’s then woken up and they return to talking as Dr. Smith plays the classical music multiples times as Amir dances ballet, each time after the music stops he becomes more frustrated and insists Dr. Smith stop messing with him. After multiple times this is done Amir is put back to sleep again and told upon waking he’s a body builder at Mr. Olympia and will oil himself up heavily and begin flexing and posing towards the camera and be completely unaware of anything happening around him. He is then woken up and grabs a bottle of oil and generously oils himself and begins posing towards the camera as Dr. Smith checks him out. Dr. Smith will even wave his hand in front of Amir’s face and touch/feel him with no response from Amir as he continues to mindlessly flex and pose. Dr. Smith will even try to talk to Amir with no response as Amir mindlessly poses. Dr. Smith then takes some pictures of Amir while he’s flexing and states they will look great as promotional photos and advertisements.

He then tells Amir when he snaps his fingers he will suddenly have an urge to shower in front of Dr. Smith and will insist on having his photo taken as he showers and modelling for Dr. Smith. Snap goes the fingers and Amir states he has a great idea, he insists that he go take a shower and while he does it Dr. Smith should take some shots of him for the website. Dr. Smith asks if he’s sure as he said before he wasn’t comfortable with nudity but Amir will insist and state he is a model after all. As Amir showers, Dr. Smith takes more photos and even triggers some of the above triggers as he showers, soaps himself off and strikes provocative poses.

After Dr. Smith has had his fill he tells Amir upon hearing a snap of the fingers he’s going to want to cover his chest and abs with whipped cream and insist that Dr. Smith lick it off of him and video tape him doing it for his show. Snap goes the fingers and Amir steps out of the shower drys himself off and states he’s had this sexy idea to help attract more people and insist he cover himself in whipped cream and have Dr. Smith lick it off on video.  Dr. Smith agrees and they do the deed. As Dr. Smith licks the whipped cream off of Amir’s chest Amir will periodically question outloud why he wanted to have whipped cream licked off his chest so bad, but will shrug it off repeatedly and continue to enjoy the attention.

After Dr. Smith is satisfied with his new subject he tells Amir when he snaps his fingers he will awaken and believe he had an amazing interview and will forget everything that happened, but will still be under Dr. Smith’s control. Amir is woken up and Dr. Smith tells him he got the job. Amir is excited and Dr. Smith tells him they are filming their first show tomorrow and Amir thanks Dr. Smith and leaves completely naked, but not without a final flex and dance from his new assistant.

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