Matt needs some therapy – ALL NEW (revised)


23 min.

9-2-20 update – We received 2 complaints that the heartbeat audio was low in the second half which is the heartbeat audio only portion. A new file has been uploaded of that second half with adjusted audio levels. If you have purchased the video before, you will get an e-mail with the new download link.

This is a custom video and therefore some changes/additions have been made to the script below. Please also note this was originally written for Tony, we got a great visible heartbeat shot, and Matt was really into having his heartbeat listened to. The video is broken down into 2 identical files in which one has audio from the mic/steth and one with only the stethoscope.

Camera : in all this script, the camera is placed on the best place to see the chest and the head and catch eventually visible heartbeat.


Part 1

Tony is waiting for the doctor. He wants to do a medical exam and had plan it for one month. The

doctor explains the terms of the medical exam and invite Tony to remove his shirt. He listens to his heart. After, he asks him to sit down on the table. The doctor ask the patient to breath normally while he listens to the lungs on both sides and then the heart. Then, the doctor remake the listening while Tony is breathing deeper and slow.

Then, he asks Tony to lie down at 45°. He listens to his heart first when Tony breath normally, then when he breaths slowly and finally rapidly.

The first test is the treadmill. Tony realise the first one on 5 miles after what the doctor listens to his

heart until it slows down. After the second one on 10 miles an hour, the doctor askes Tony two directly lie down on a table or on the floor and listens to the heart until it slows down. (camera showing the chest)

Part 2

The patient is lied completely on the table yet. Doctor wants to measure the lungs capacity. He asked Tony if he is out of breath after sport, or if he fills good or bad when he breaths. Tony respond that all is ok. Dr Smith put the steth on Tony’s heart for 30 sec and then asks him to take a deep breath in and hold it as long as he can. We listen to the heart during and after the breath hold to identify heart’s reactions. When Tony catch his breath, the doctor asks him to take a deep breath in, expel all the air, and hold (steth on the heart). We listen to heart reactions after this exercise.

Part 3

Then, Smith explains that he wants to give some oxygen to Tony. He places the mask on Tony’s nose and mouth and ask him to breath normally. In reality, it is an anaesthesia and Tony begin to close his eyes and then sleeps. (we see chest and head for 20 sec). Dr Smith attach his hands and become to touch him, play with his bully button, nipples… Then, he places some electrodes on Tony’s chest, blocks the steth on his heart with a belt, and attaches his hands. When Tony wake up, he

understands the problem and begins to panic. Smith tells him that he will give three times electricity in his chest for 10 sec and let him 20 sec to restore his breath between each one (the steth is already on the patient’s chest).

After the three shocks, Smith replace the anaesthesia mask on Tony’s face, and the patient sleeps after 10 sec. Smith wakes up his patient who tells him that he made a terrible dream where Smith

had tied him up and choked him. The doctor pretends he don’t understand and continues the exam.

Part 4

In this part, the doctor wants to identify heart reaction after an effort.

– In the first exercice, Tony does some abs on the table as long as he can, and Smith listens the heart.

– In the second exercice, Tony does some jumping jacks. But at the end, he is completly out of breath, he touch his heart, he is breathing stronger. He needs help: the doctor lies him on the floor, listen to his heart, and measure his pulse on his neck. After a minute, he takes the mask to give him some oxygen (he maintains the steth on the heart in case of heart attack). Tony breath deeply the oxygen but it is not enough… after 3 minutes, his heart stops.

Dr Smith gives him CPR and does mouth to mouth. Between each CPR, he listen to the heart with the steth for 10 sec. He verifies if the heart restarts with his ear. After 5 series of chest compressions, the heart is beating again. Tony is breathing hard; Smith replace the oxygen mask and listens the heart with the steth.

Dr Smith decide to treat the problem. He invites Tony to lie on the table. He verifies that the heart is not beating irregularly. Then, in his right hand, he holds a syringe with a liquid. As he positions the

stetoscope on Tony’s heart with his left hand, he asks him to take a deep breath, expel all the air and hold. In the same time, he injects the liquid in the pec. Then, he askes Tony to take a deep breath and breath normally. Dr Smith maintains the steth on the heart to controll if its beat correctly after this injection. Then, the doctor pays attention and listens to the heart for 1 minute minimum. This operation is a success, Tony is in good health !


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