Sean Holme’s visits the set of Film 911 – ALL NEW – includes free bonus video


15 min.

BONUS VIDEO: Not only do you get this hot new Dr. Smith video starring Sean but his CPR video we released a few years ago (31 minutes).


“Thanks for Shawn with Dr. Smith 2!! Shawn is a really good improv actor and a hot guy. Love the construction worker scene. This was the hottest spiked drink scene since Austin with Dr Smith!”

Dr. Smith notices Sean working on the house next door and ask him to come over to fix a squeaky wheel on this gurney. Sean agrees to look at it but soon becomes overheated and asks for water. Dr. Smith gives him some water but it causes him to slowly lose consciousness. Dr. Smith then takes advantage of him. Soon Sean starts to stir only to be knocked out again and again (rag and gas mask). The gas causes him to lose his memory and he heads home.

This video includes nipple and belly button play (licking). Touching of the adams apple and feet.

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