Ryder the pizza boy


23 min.

This is a custom script and please be aware some changes have been made in the final product.

Scene 1:

Sebastian knocks on Dr Smith’s door to deliver a takeaway, however, Dr Smith doesn’t have enough cash to he calls him in whilst he looks. Sebastian takes advantage of being left alone in Dr Smith’s house and begins to explore, he finds some cash and steals it. Dr Smith returns and goes for the cash, he then accuses Sebastian of stealing it, he denies it. Dr Smith strangles Sebastian and he falls unconscious. He is dragged through the house to Dr Smith’s surgery.

Sebastian is laid out on the hospital bed, still gasping for air after being strangled (full body in shot, including feet). Dr Smith then forces a pill into Sebastians mouth, this causes him to convulse and fall unconscious. Dr Smith cuts his t-shirt open and resuscitates him with CPR and defibs. Sebastian then begins to come round but he is still in pain and gasping for breath. Dr Smith removes Sebastians shoes, revealing some sweaty plain white ankle socks, his toes curl and twitch as his socked feet are revealed. Sebastian is then tazered and convulses. He is again brought round with defib and CPR. Each time toes curling and gasps for air. Sebastians eyes open and roll back each time he is shocked.

Scene 2:

Sebastian is topless, but lying with jeans and shoes on. (Feet in view) He is dazed and confused and asks why he is here. Dr Smith says he is a thief and must be punished. Dr Smith puts Sebastian in an upright position and begins to shock him with the defib paddles whilst he is conscious. After a while he removes his shoes, massages his dirty white ankle socked feet and sniffs them. Whilst he does this sebastian writhes and groans as if in a trance. He then resumes torturing Sebastian until he has a fit and has to be lowered to be brought back to life. Sebastian is now lying in a daze, writhing in pain, twitching, curling toes and gasping for air. Dr Smith removes his trousers leaving him in just his tight white underwear and dirty white socks. Dr Smith climbs on the bed and threatens to strangle him, Sebastian pleads with Dr Smith, but he begins to strangle him again, his feet curl and arms flail as he struggles for breath. Once unconscious Dr Smith electrocutes his lifeless body, causing Sebastian to convulse, foam at the mouth, eyes roll and toes curl. He then begins repeatedly using defib on him as Sebastian can be heard wearily screaming ‘ no no no’ ‘please stop’ ‘you’re killing me’ etc these words always interrupted by the choking and gasping sounds of him being shocked.

Scene 3:

Sebastian is in a bad way, he is lying in his underwear and white ankle socks, has a tube i. and is connected to an incubator. He occassionally twitches. Dr Smith connects wires to Sebastians chest and begins to electro torture him, his toes curl. As Sebastian is writhing in pain and groaning, he begs Dr Smith to stop. After more electro torture Sebastian flatlines. With the tube still in his mouth, Sebastian is then injected, causing his body to convulse whilst he is still unconscious. Dr Smith then takes advantage of Sebastians lifeless body and caresses him, feeling him up from his chest, groin, legs and then his socked feet. Sebastian starts to enjoy it, groaning and writhing, but he is still

out of it, eyes rolling. Sebastian begins to come round, panics and has to be restrained by Dr Smith. He is then electro tortured more violently and injected as his eyes roll back and his toes curl in pain.

Scene 4:

Sebastian is in full view (socked feet in view), sat upright on the hospital bed, but in a semi-vegative state. He is wearing only his socks and tight white boxer shorts. His eyes are wide open, mouth open, his feet touching one another, completely lifeless. Dr Smith lifts his arm up, it drops. He then moves his other arm, it also drops. He then feels up his chest, to no reaction. Dr Smith then puts an oxygen mask on him and gasses him, he begins to choke, but still in a semi-unconscious way. He barely moves, just the occassional gasp for air and twitching/curling of his socked feet.

The next camera angle involves the bed being turned around and the camera placed at Sebastians head, his socked feet are in full view. Sebastian is still dazed, confused and still twitching (feet and fingers) with his eyes open wide. He is wearing an oxygen mask. Dr Smith shocks him a number of times with the defib paddle, he convulses, but remains vegative. He then injects him causing him to convulse. Sebastian then rips off the oxygen mask and begs for him to stop in an exhausted way. A final round of defibs as Sebastian writhes, rolls his eyes and groans/gasps, then finally flatlines.  Please can this ankle be used for a nice amount of him?

The final camera angle is the best one – most of the shot should then be taken up by the soles of sebastians feet. Dr Smith then conducts his final experiment with electrocution, defibs and CPR. Toes twitching and his head occasionally lifting up into shot as his eyes roll back.

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