Pablo makes it back

Belly Button, CPR, Feet

14 min.

Demo coming soon.

Pablo is in bed and he calls for Dr. Smith cause he can’t breath and he starts clutching his chest and dies. Dr. Smith performs CPR but nothing is working. He stops and moves his hands down to his feet and touches and kisses them. Then he quickly moves back to doing CPR and shouts at him to wake up. Show feet often. Dr. Smith stops CPR and declares him dead.

We now see Pablo in the hospital. Dr. Smith enters and injects a substance into his heart. No effect. Dr. Smith then places a mask over Pablo’s face and pushes oxygen in and out of his chest. No effect. Dr. Smith then alternates pushing air into Pablo and then defibbing him. No effect. Dr. Smith then attaches electrodes all over an begins electric current stimulation. Pablo’s eye open but they are just staring out into space.

Suddenly he starts to breath but only takes one breath so Dr. Smith bags him every other breath. Pablo can’t speak. Pablo is gasping for air and Dr. Smith turns the current to shock him after each breath he takes to get his breathing back on track. Pablo starts to breath on his own but can’t speak. Dr. Smith notices a strange beat so he starts compressing his heart slowly and then more quickly. Pablo looks terrified and tries to stop him, Pablo recovers and Dr. Smith takes him home.

Pablo is now outfitted with AED pads to wear at home for any issues that arises. Dr. Smith is so turned on by him and shocks him when he doesn’t need it and eventually he flatines.

Dr. Smith puts him in bed and jerks while trying to bring him back. (only available on clips4sale)




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