Noah’s procedure


20 min.

This is a custom and some changes/additions may have been made.

Episode 1. Gastroscopy

The guy is student, who must undergo a full medical examination, including gastros-copy. This procedure should be under general anesthesia. Of course, I will not ask to show the gastroscopy procedure.

The guy walks into a laboratory, where the doctor is waiting for him. The doctor asks the guy to undress, as he needs to be examined before the procedure. The doctor listens to his heart, checks his pulse. Then the doctor informs the patient that he is ready for the pro-cedure.

The guy lays on the table. The doctor covers the patient’s body to the navel, attaches electrodes to his chest (let’s use the new ones, as in the end of the film with Jacob). The doctor inserts this thing (I don’t know what it’s called) into the patient’s mouth.

Then the doctor makes a soporific injection in the patient’s arm, gives a soporific gas through the white mask. The guy makes some deep breaths and falls asleep.

Gastroscopy is completed. The doctor wakes up the guy, gently patting him on the cheeks and giving a sniff ammonia. The guy wakes up and sits on the table.

The doctor informs the patient that the researching showed slight inflammation in the stomach, which is easy to cure, putting a dropper with a special drug and that it can be done right now. The guy agrees.

The doctor asked the guy to lie down on the table again. The doctor must tie hands and legs of the patient to the table, as the inputted medicine has a soporific impact, and the guy may harm himself moving during sleep. Then the doctor puts the dropper (attach it contingently with plaster).

Everything is going well. After some time the guy falls asleep. The doctor decides to leave the patient unattended on some time; he didn’t know that the guy is allergic to the medication injected. The patient stays alone.

Suddenly the guy starts an allergic reaction, he begins to choke and wakes up. Chok-ing the guy wants to pull out the needle, but he can’t do it, his hands tied to the table. The patient tries to call for help, but nobody comes. Then he loses consciousness, his heart stops.

The doctor comes. He sees the lifeless body of his patient, and begins CPR. Use a de-fibrillator, cardio massage, Ambu bag and so forth.

It will be very sexy, if during all resuscitation, the guy’s mouth will be ajar, and his head is turned to the camera.

After several minutes of resuscitation, the guy’s heart starts beating, but he remains unconscious. The patient cannot breathe independently, he needs to be connected to a res-pirator.

Episode 2. On the respirator

The patient lies on the table and is connected to a respirator. Try to insert the tube through this thing, as in the picture, fixing the tube with a patch. It’ll be more realistic. There are electrodes on patient’s chest. His body is covered with a sheet to the navel.

After about a minute the doctor appears. He examines the patient: listening to his heartbeat, check his pupils.

Suddenly the convulsion passes through the body of the guy. His heart stops. Resus-citation begins. Use the defibrillator, cardio massage. During resuscitation, the patient re-mains intubated. Apply oxygen through a tube in his mouth. Resuscitation continues for several minutes, but brings no result. The doctor announces the death of the patient.

Episode 3. Revival

After a little delay the doctor decides to try another way to revive the patient. The doctor throws back the patient’s head, for this, put under the guy’s neck something like a pillow, so that his head was thrown back all the time of the episode. The doctor uses several times a defibrillator, ambu bag and cardiac massage again.

The doctor’s efforts do not bring results, then he decides to try to use a long-lasting electric shock. Several times he takes the electricity through the electrodes fixed on the guy’s chest. During each electric shock, the patient’s chest is raised for a long time. This method helped. After a few electrical shocks the patient’s heart begins to beat again. But the guy is still in a coma.

Dr. Smith decides to stimulate the guy’s brain with electricity. He attaches electrodes to the patient’s forehead and supplies electricity through them several times. But this proce-dure caused the heart to stop again.

The doctor removes the electrodes from the patient’s head and tries to revive him for the last time. The doctor applies artificial respiration and cardiac massage for a few minutes. But his efforts are in vain. The doctor states the death and covers the body of the guy with a sheet.

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