Nathan with Dr. Smith

CPR, Feet

22 min.

This is a custom video and some elements of the script below have been changed or deleted.


“Just a quick message to say thank for shooting my custom script for Nathan. The video is great and I appreciate you took the time to include the little details I included in the script. Nathan is a great actor and really goes for it! He totally commits to the performance. There are lots of subtle differences in this video that help to keep the Dr Smith genre fresh and it’s definitely now one of my firm favorites.”

Scene 1

Nathan arrives with his backpack for his first additional Math lesson, believing Dr Smith to be a tutor. He is wearing a shirt, some blue jeans, trashed pumps and some white ankle socks. Dr Smith invites him in and they sit at the table. Dr Smith begins teaching Nathan, but Nathan is distracted and starts to frustrate Dr Smith. Dr Smith tries to get Nathan to concentrate but he cannot. Nathan says he is thirsty and asks for a drink. Dr Smith slips something in his water and passes it to him. Nathan takes a few sips and carries on with his studies. Gradually he begins to become weak and feeble, his eyes start to roll and he passes out at the table. Dr Smith raises his arms and head to check he is out cold. Dr Smith then drags him to the living room ties the unconscious Nathan to a chair. As he comes round, confused and dazes he tries to break free. Dr Smith opens up his shirt and tazers him to shut him up. Nathan keeps begging for him to stop, which only makes Dr Smith taze him some more. Eventually he is out cold again and Dr Smith feels him up.

Dr Smith unties Nathan and carries him into his surgery. He lays him down on hospital bed and begins to feel up his chest, removing his shirt completely. Nathan comes round and his swiftly knocked out with a rag, but Dr Smith goes too far and has to revive him. (Full view of his body, including feet) Once Nathan has a pulse Dr Smith removes his shoes, revealing some dirty white ankle socks, his toes curl and twitch as his body recovers from the electric shocks. Nathan comes round and keeps trying to escape, however Dr Smith grabs his arms and straps them down the bed. Nathan is then injected, as he cries out in pain, his pain becomes a fit and he begins to violently convulse, toes curling, eyes rolling back. He then lies there, lifeless. Dr Smith revives him with the defibrillator and his pulse eventually comes back. Dr Smith places a mask on his face and removes his jeans. He is now lying there in just his boxer shorts and white ankle socks. Dr Smith then climbs onto the bed and begins giving him chest compressions, Nathan comes round but is strangled by Dr Smith, toes curling and eyes rolling. He passes out.

Scene 2

Socked feet in shot as much as possible please.

Nathan on the hospital bed sat in an upright position. He is topless but wearing shoes, white ankle socks and some sweatpants. He is confused and appears scruffy as if he has been beaten (hair messy etc). Dr Smith appears and informs him the punishment is not over. Nathan begs for freedom but it is too later, Dr Smith gags him and electro tortures him with the defib machine. Nathan cries out in pain each time he is shocked, he then starts to foam at the mouth, eyes wide. Eventually he passes out. Dr smith reclines the bed so he is lying down. Dr Smith punches his stomach a few times to bring him back round. Nathan eventually comes round but his dazes and confused, he is twitching. Dr Smith removes his shoes, revealing some sweaty white ankle socks. Dr Smith caresses his socked feet as Nathan’s head rolls from side to side, eyes wide open and tongue in and out. Nathan then has a fit and flatlines. Dr Smith lowers the bed and begins CPR. Nathan begins to come round, but is very disorientated, constantly groaning in pain, eyes rolling, toes twitching. As his body writhes (arms and legs slowly moving etc) This continues as the Doctor uses the defib even though he is conscious. Each time he is shocked his eyes open in pain, he can be heard groaning in pain. Eyes rolling back etc.

Nathan is now dazed and confused, he can be seen writhing and occasionally groaning. The Doctor threatens Nathanwith the defib paddles, the patient pleads with him not to shock him, however he does, prompting him to grown in pain. The doctor continues to shock Nathan repeatedly, each time his eyes opening in pain with groaning and erratic breathing. Nathan is gasping for air and breathing with difficulty. Nathan occasionally tries to sit up but each time he is shocked back down. The doctor increases the power and continues to shock. Dr Smith turns the power up to maximum, causing his body to violently convulse. Eventually he flatlines. The doctor completes further founds of CPR/Defib on an unconscious Nathan, but he ultimately dies.

Scene 3

Nathan is lying under a blanket only his head is on show. Under the sheet he is only wearing white boxer shorts and white ankle socks. The camera is positioned for a full body shot. Dr Smith puts a tube in his mouth and peels back the blanket to place some wires on his chest. Nathan is then gently shocked, causing his body to convulse, but not waking him up. His socked feet gently twitch underneath the sheet. Dr Smith then increases the power, his body convulses even more and his eyes begin to roll, even though he remains unconscious. Dr Smith then peels the sheet back slightly to reveal his sweaty white ankle socks. He repeats the shock therapy some more times. Nathan eventually comes round and begins to panic, the sheet is pulled off revealing his boxer shorts. He is tazed again and foams at the mouth as he passes out. Dr Smith then feels him up, he eventually begins to come round and enjoys the attention. He then tries to escape, but is strapped back down. He starts to beg for his life and scream and shout, Dr Smith tapes up his mouth and tortures him some more.

Scene 4

Nathan is in full view (socked feet in view), sat upright on the hospital bed, but in a semi-vegative state. He is wearing only his socks and tight white boxer shorts. His eyes are wide open, mouth open, his feet touching one another, completely lifeless. Dr Smith lifts his arm up, it drops. He then moves his other arm, it also drops. He then feels up his chest, to no reaction. Dr Smith then puts a chord around Nathan’s neck, he begins to choke, but still in a semi-unconscious way. He barely moves, just the occassional gasp for air and twitching/curling of his socked feet. As Nathan’s vegative state continues, he twitches, occassionaly gasps for air and remains fairly lifeless. The bed is lowered and he is shocked with the defib. Each defib his chest rises and toes curl, crossing each other. Nathan is then shocked repeatedly causing him to convulse.

The next camera angle involves the bed being turned around and the camera placed at Nathan’s head, his feet are in full view. Nathan is still dazed, confused and still twitching (feet and fingers) with his eyes open wide. Dr Smith shocks him a number of times with the defib paddle, he convulses, but remains vegative. He then injects him causing him to convulse.

The final camera angle is the best one – most of the shot should then be taken up by the soles of Nathan’s feet. Dr Smith then conducts his final experiment with electrocution, defibs and CPR.


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