Nathan + Tristan with Dr. Smith – ALL NEW

CPR, Hypnosis

26 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product.

Review from customer who ordered this custom:

“The Tristan and Nathan video came out great! Both looked amazing, as expected. Thanks for getting it shot!”

Nathan & Tristan are in the living room, happy this day has finally come to binge watch a new tv show. They both just got done working out and are still in their workout gear, Tristan in tights and Nathan in something similar. Nathan wonders why Smith isn’t there yet. Nathan asks Tristan what time he told Smith to be there, and Nathan responds that he thought Nathan invited him. They agree to watch the show without Smith. Nathan tells Tristan to get the show ready as he gets some drinks. Nathan leaves and Smith then appears and sneaks behind Tristan. Closer shot of Tristan getting chloroformed and his legs and arms going limp. When Smith removes the rag, Tristan collapses to one side. Smith sits Tristan up as though he fell asleep, puts remote in his hand, and walks away. A few seconds later Nathan returns with drinks and chips. He tells Tristan to stop messing around and turn on the tv. When Tristan doesn’t wake up, Nathan decides to watch the show without him. Smith sneaks behind Nathan and knocks him out with the rag of chloroform. Smith knees behind the coach fondling both guys’ hair and faces deciding what he’ll do to them. Smith grabs the pendulum and gently wakes up Tristan. When Tristan is groggy Smith begins to hypnotize him. Smith tells Tristan to relax, he’s getting sleepy, he will obey his commands, and what happens when he hears sleep/ wake up. When Tristan is under Smith’s command, he tells Tristan to help him carry Nathan to the bedroom.

In the bedroom they place Nathan on the bed and Smith tells Tristan to undress Nathan. As Tristan undresses Nathan he fondles and kisses his nipples and belly button. Smith joins Tristan as they continue fondling Nathan. The two use Nathan as a rag doll and move him all around with eye checks Smith tells Tristan to strangle Nathan. When Nathan is out, Smith tells Tristan to compress his chest as Smith gives him mouth to mouth. When Nathan awakes and is groggy, Smith hypnotizes him. Repeats what he told Tristan. Close up of Nathan’s abs as Smith rubs his abs, and says he has plans for these.

After a while Smith decides it’s time to focus on Tristan. Smith grabs the rag and tells Tristan to wake up. Smith knocks out Tristan with the rag and drops him to the floor. He tells Nathan to help him place Tristan on the bed. He fondles Tristan’s nipples and belly button after he places him on the bed. Smith joins him and continues to fondle Tristan.The two use Tristan as a rag doll and move him all around with eye checks. Nathan is told to strangle Tristan, which he does until Tristan goes limp. Then Smith tells Nathan to compress Tristan’s chest as he gives him mouth to mouth. When Tristan starts to wake up, Smith says Sleep and Tristan is hypnotized again. 

Smith orders Nathan to pick up a bottle of oil and rub it over Tristan’s torso and arms. Nathan follows the order while Tristan lays hypnotized, his eyes open, but not moving at all. Smith then orders Nathan to stand next to the bed, over Tristan, and he does so. Smith orders both of them to look at each other, kiss, and worship each others bodies. They do so, but their faces remain blank and hypnotized, staring at each other but blank looks on both their faces. Smith tells them to also fondle their nipples with their other hand and they do so. 

Eventually Smith tells them to stop and they do. Smith then hands a glass of poisoned liquid to Nathan and tells him to give it to Tristan. He does so. Smith tells Nathan to tell Tristan to drink the poisoned liquid. Nathan does so, and as requested, Tristan drinks the poisoned liquid and hands the glass back to Nathan. Within seconds, Tristan begins to convulse violently as the poison takes effect. After several moments of agony, Tristan goes limp and still. Smith tells Nathan to check for vital signs. Nathan listens to Tristan’s heart, then feels for a pulse at Tristan’s neck. He then picks up Tristan’s risk and fees for a pulse; feeling nothing, he drops Tristan’s arm. Smith asks Nathan if the poison worked. Nathan replies that yes, Tristan is now dead. Smith tells Nathan very good work and tells him to follow him out the room, which he does.

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