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22 min.
This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product.
“Thanks so much for the Matt with Dr Smith story.  This had all the classic Dr Smith elements – multiple chloroform knockouts, gagging, hand gags, tied up and oiled, stripped of clothing and knockouts by injection.  The rag knockouts were really hot, and Matt is such a sexy guy, so hope you can continue to do this in future videos, and that Matt can make a little more noise when resisting the knockouts.  His eye rolls are really good too.”
“Just purchased the Matt Dr Smith video, he is so gorgeous! Please try and do more videos with him if you can, love the scene with him tied up and then gagged and drugged, so hot! And he looks incredible in a suit. It would be great to see more guys dressed in suits in future videos, they always look so good.”
“Ok. Matt is up there along with Ethan, Charlie, and Dylan when it comes to rolling up eyes and playing limp.”
“Dr Smith loves his hobby, and fortunately for us Matt is an awesome victim. It’s 22 minutes of Dr Smith doing his classic moves on Matt. Can’t decide which of the 3 scenes is my favorite.”
Scene 1
Matt wearing tank and shorts
Matt is in the exam room sitting on gurney. Dr Smith comes in and they introduce each other. Dr Smith asks Matt the reason for the visit? Matt explains that he has asthma and it’s been acting up. Every doctor he called said they were backed up till the end of the year or they were only doing video 
appointments.  He was told to try Dr Smith. Dr Smith tells Matt to remove his shirt as he gets his stethoscope. Dr Smith tells Matt to take a couple deep breaths as he listens to Matt lungs. Dr Smith tells Matt he has a machine that can help him with his breathing. Matt agrees to try machine. Dr. Smith gets the oxygen mask, and tells Matt to take a deep breath. After inhaling gas a few times, Matt complains that he feels light headed. Dr. Smith says it’s normal and tells him to take another deep breath. Matt takes another deep breath and collapses in Dr Smith arms. Dr Smith lies him down on gurney. Dr Smith licks and kisses his nipples and bellow button. Tighter shot of Matt face as he begins to wake up. Dr Smith gets rag of chloroform to knock him out. Then Dr Smith uses one hand to caress his face, hair, neck, and Adam’s apple. Then he uses both hands to caress both checks, neck and shoulder.  Wide shot Dr Smith straps Matt to gurney, places ECT pads all over Matt body (ball gag optional). Dr Smith zaps Matt awake. Matt asks what’s going on and pleas to be released. Dr Smith continues zapping Matt and  increases voltage each time. Eventually Matt flat lines. Dr Smith get AED and air bag. After a few minutes Matt is revived. Dr Smith places strobe light to make Matt forget what happened to him. When Matt closes his eyes Dr Smith gently shakes Matt to wake him. Dr Smith helps Matt sit up and asks how he feels? Matt asks what happened? Dr Smith says fainted. Matt takes a few deep breaths and says he breath better and feels great. Dr Smith continues with the medical exam.
Scene 2
Matt wearing long sleeve shirt with tie, and slacks
Matt is seating in chair waiting to be called in. Dr Smith has rag of chloroform and sneaks up from behind him. When Matt is knocked out Dr Smith rubs Matt chest under and over his shirt. Dr Smith drags Matt to his bedroom. Dr Smith drops Matt on the bed and plays with his limp arms and legs. Matt begins to wake and Dr Smith grabs the rag of chloroform to knock him out again. Dr Smith caress Matt face and lifts his shirt and rubs his chest and abs. Dr Smith places his hand over Matt chest and feels his beating heart. Dr Smith removes Matt shoes, socks and slacks leaving him in his underwear and shirt with tie. Dr Smith gets on the bed and class 911 pose fondles Matt face, chest and shoulders. Dr Smith loosens the tie and slowly unbutton Matt shirt he plays with nipples and belly button. Dr Smith places his hand over Matt heart and feels the beat for awhile. Dr Smith hugs Matt and kisses Matt  neck and shoulders. When Matt begins to wake again, Dr Smith grabs Matt tie and chocks him with it. As Matt losses his strength to fight back, Dr Smith keeps one hand  on tie still chocking Matt while the other hand is placed on Matt’s heart. As Matt loses conciseness Dr Smith feels Matt heart beat slow down. When Matt is out Dr Smith still can feel a very weak heart beat and lies Matt down. Dr Smith licks/kisses Matt chest, nipples, armpits, legs feet, stomach and belly button. Dr Smith places hand over Matt’s heart and doesn’t hear a beat. Dr Smith begins to revive him with CPR. After several attempts Dr Smith finally gets a heart beat. Matt tries to get up and escape but Dr Smith grabs rag of chloroform and knocks him out. Dr Smith lies nest to him and play with his body. Matt wakes up again and tries to escape but Dr Smith knocks him out out again with chloroform. Dr Smith caress Matt face as he cuddles next to him ready to knock him out again when he wakes up.
Scene 3 
Matt wearing t-shirt and jeans
Matt is seating on sofa chair looking at a magazine. Dr Smith sneaks up from behind with a syringe. Dr Smith drags Matt of sofa chair to the floor. Dr Smith sits Matt up and plays with his nipples and belly button as he removes his shirt and shorts. When Matt finally wakes up he finds himself in his underwear with his hands bound and tied to the ceiling. Matt screams for help and Dr Smith puts his hand over his mouth. Dr Smith says if he doesn’t shut up, he’s going to gag him. Matt nods yes that he understands. Dr Smith begins fondling his body. It’s too much for Matt to handle and he screams again. Dr Smith gags Matt and continues to worships his body as he puts oil on him.  After Matt body is competently oiled Dr Smith admires his work. Dr Smith removes gag and places his hand over his mouth. Dr Smith gets a pill with his other hand and stuffs it into Matt mouth and keeps his hand over his nose and mouth forcing him to swallow the pill. Matt tries to shake his head free but Dr Smith isn’t letting go till he swallows it. When Matt swallows pill Dr Smith releases his grip. Matt asks what he swallowed? Dr Smith gently caress Matt face and hair and says he has nothing to worry about. After a few seconds Matt body starts to convulse.  When he stops shaking Dr Smith checks his pulse. Then Dr Smith closes  Matt eyes and leaves the room. 

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