Lucas with Dr. Smith

CPR, Hypnosis

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Lucas is asleep in bed wearing a t-shirt and underwear (preferably briefs). Dr. Smith knows his roommate is a deep sleeper and decides to take advantage of him. He climbs into bed beside Lucas, who is laying on his side, and gently strokes his hair just to make sure he is deeply asleep. Lucas doesn’t move, so Dr. Smith gently rolls him onto his back and pulls the covers off. He lays his hand on Lucas’s stomach and starts rubbing through his shirt. He spends some time rubbing his chest and stomach then proceeds to pull his shirt up to just above his stomach. He spends some time rubbing and licking Lucas’s stomach and navel. Lucas starts to move a little bit and Dr. Smith quickly pulls his shirt back down but Lucas stays asleep. He then pulls his shirt up all the way and spends some time touching and licking his chest, nipples, stomach, and navel.

Lucas starts waking up, and before he can protest much, Dr. Smith starts hypnotizing him. While he is hypnotizing him, he tells him that in addition to obeying all commands, he will also ask Dr. Smith to touch him, and kiss and lick his nipples and chest after his sexy dance. Once he is hypnotized, Dr. Smith asks him to take his shirt off to which he responds “yes sir”, leaving him in his underwear. He has Lucas stand up. He then asks Lucas to feel himself (playing with his nipples and navel, rubbing his chest and stomach, etc.) to which he responds “yes sir”. He then asks Lucas to feel himself while doing a sexy dance, again followed by “yes sir”. After he has danced for a while, Lucas asks Dr. Smith if he knows what would really make him feel good. Dr. Smith asks what Lucas has in mind. Lucas says that he would really like it if Dr. Smith touched and licked his navel and stomach. Dr. Smith says he would love to oblige. After he feels as if his navel has had enough attention paid to it, Lucas says he would also really like it if Dr. Smith would play with and lick his nipples. Again, Dr. Smith is quite happy to do so and spends some time worshipping his chest and nipples.

Dr. Smith then tells Lucas to remove his underwear, to which he responds “yes sir”. Dr. Smith spends some time worshipping his body some more and snaps and shouts “wake”. Lucas comes out of the trance, and immediately wants to know what’s going on and why he is naked. Dr. Smith says “sleep” and he goes back into his trance. Dr. Smith says “now we can begin the real fun”. He has Lucas lie down on the bed and then binds him. He wants Lucas unconscious for a little bit, so he chloroforms him. Lucas awakens from his trance, and attempts to fight back, but can do little since he is bound. He passes out. Dr. Smith then begins to worship his body some more, touching, licking, and kissing his chest, stomach, nipples, and navel. He also spends time rubbing his arms, legs, feet, and armpits.


Lucas starts to come around as the chloroform wears off. As he asks what is going on Dr. Smith says he is just having some fun. He continues touching Lucas’s body as he protests, calling for help and begging Dr. Smith to stop. Dr. Smith says “I know something that will shut you up” and pulls off his belt. He places the belt around Lucas’s neck and pulls it tight. Lucas makes choked sounds and pulls at his bonds as he struggles for a while, until his struggling weakens and he dies, eyes open. Dr. Smith closes his eyes and begins preparations for reviving him. He spends some time performing cpr and mouth-to-mouth and when that doesn’t work he brings out his defibrillator and spends some time shocking Lucas’s heart until he finds a pulse.

Lucas wakes up and starts panicking, asking “what is going on and why is he naked”. Dr. Smith soothingly tells him he is undergoing emergency medical treatment but is in good hands. Dr. Smith places an oxygen mask over Lucas’s face and says “let’s give you some oxygen”. After a few seconds of letting him breathe, Dr. Smith cuts the oxygen off and Lucas starts to convulse and twitch as his breathing is cut off. Dr. Smith spends time rubbing his chest and stomach as he struggles and gasps through the mask, trying to take in oxygen. He struggles until he dies. Dr. Smith spends more time reviving him with cpr and defib and feeling him up. When he comes around again, he begs to be let go. Dr. Smith says “do you really want to be let go?” as he zaps Lucas with the defibrillator. Lucas responds “Please stop, I’ll do anything.” Dr. Smith says I want you to jerk off until you cum. Lucas says “no, please, not that.” Dr. Smith shocks him again and says “if you don’t cum for me I’m going to kill you, for good”. Lucas responds “ok, I’ll do it, just please let me go.” Dr. Smith removes the defib pads and release one of Lucas’s hands and tells him to get started. Lucas begins jerking off and while he looks unhappy and ashamed while doing it he finally cums. Dr. Smith says “good boy.”

Lucas asks “will you please let me go now?” Dr. Smith responds “and have you live to be able to turn me in to the police; I don’t think so.” Lucas swears he won’t tell anyone. Dr. Smith says “I know for sure you won’t be saying anything”. He sits on the bed and begins choking Lucas again, this time with his hands. Lucas only has one hand free, and lies there struggling in vain against Dr. Smith’s grip around his throat. He makes choked sounds and struggles with his one free hand until he lies still with his eyes closed. Dr. Smith lays his head on Lucas’s chest to feel if there is a pulse. He feels a faint beat and this time places his hand over Lucas’s mouth and nose, suffocating him and placing his other hand over Lucas’s heart. Lucas weakly twitches with his eyes closed for a few seconds and Dr. Smith relishes feeling his heart stop as he dies for the final time. Dr. Smith says “looks like I need a new roommate”, and leaves the room after spending a little more time touching and admiring Lucas’s body.