Leo Giamani’s booty

Belly Button, CPR, Hypnosis

This is a custom video so some changes may have been made from the script below. Please note we added NUDITY to this video throughout.

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Part 1:

Leo is getting ready to hit the beach. He takes a swig of his energy drink. Instead of feeling energized, he starts to feel really sleepy. His roommate(you or if you’re unavailable another actor will do) comes in and sees leo fall to the floor on his side with a groan. Instead of helping him out, the roommate starts to caress Leo’s body. He first runs his hands up and down his side, taking a little extra time at his hips. The roommate then rolls him facedown and massages and feels up his back muscles. His tight tank top shows them off well. He then feels up Leo’s ass, squeezing, massaging and groping it. After some more of that, the roommate drags(of if the actor is strong enough, carries him over his shoulder) and takes him to the bedroom. The roommate throws Leo on the bed. The roommate feels Leo’s chest and stomach when Leo starts to wake. Freaked out, he tries to run but the roommate pulls out a chloro rag and chloroforms him until he goes limp again. The roommate lets his body fall back to the bed. leo slides down the side of the bed so he’s bent over(I’d want a good view of his ass here). The roommate drags him back up so he’s fully laying on the bed. He cuddles up with Leo,, kisses him some, and slowly strips him down to his boxers. After giving his butt one final grab, the roommate ties him up and leaves.

Cut to the roomate coming back home. Leo is still tied up but awake and pissed that he’s bound. The roomatte bought some new clothes for leo and knocks him out again. He redressed the underwear clad Leo into a tight white t shirt and tight jeans(be sure to roll him facedown while in jeans at least once), groping him the whole time. After he’s dressed, the roomate carries him back to the kitchen/living room. The roomate lays chuck on the couch facedown and gives his jean clad ass a few spanks to wake him up. Leo tries to escape again but to no avail as the roomate chokes the life out of him. His limp head falls facedown on the pillow. The roomate then gives Leo’s ass one last touch before leaving the scene.

Part 2:

Leo is wearing a pair of cargo shorts(jeans or basketball shorts will work if cargos are unavailable) and a tight shirt. He’s at the doctors because his upper thighs are in a lot of pain and he’s wondering what’s wrong with him. After talking with the Dr for a few minutes, something falls out of his pocket. He bends over to pick it up. Then the Dr notices how great of an ass Leo has. After sitting back down, the Dr pulls out a needle and injects it into Leo’s neck. Leo struggles for a few seconds but goes limp pretty quickly. He is then laid on his side. The Dr goes through his pockets and then starts massaging his body. He rolls Leo facedown and begins massaging his muscular back before slowly moving down and massaging and groping his ass. After some of that, Leo starts to wake up. He manages to get off the table before he’s knocked out again(any way works) and he falls bent over the table. After being placed on the table he is massaged, touched and groped for a bit more before Leo wakes up again. This time the Dr rolls him face up and chokes him until he stops breathing. After massaging his chest for a bit. The Dr brings him back to life with cpr. But before Leo can escape the Dr hypnotizes him into forgetting everything that happened and to come back tomorrow so the Dr can help him with his pain. After being hypnotized, Leo leaves and the Dr looks satisfied.