Leo Giamani with Dr. Smith part 2

Belly Button, CPR, Hypnosis

23 min.

This is a custom video so some changes may have been made to the script below.

Leo knocks on door and says he’s a private investigator. He asks Dr Smith if he’s free to answer some questions? Dr Smith welcomes Leo to come inside. Leo explains he’s been hired to look into the disappearance of Joey and a few others guys. Leo says his investigation lead him here, and asks Dr Smith what he specializes in? Dr Smith answers question. Leo ask what he thinks happened to them? Dr Smith gives him some theories. Leo asks if these patients had something in common? Or if he noticed anything unusual about them? Dr Smith says nothing he can think of. He offers to bring the files for Leo to look at, maybe Leo can see something Dr Smith overlooked. Leo says that would be helpful. When Dr Smith returns he hands Leo some files along with a beer bottle. Leo says he read his mind and thanks him for beer. As Leo sips some beer, he asks some questions as he looks over the files. After awhile Leo speech begins to slur and he gets dizzy. Leo becomes suspicious and asks Jay what did he put in his drink? Leo grabs his phone as he tries to head for the door. Jay takes away phone and helps him to the chair. Leo tries to yell for help but he falls asleep. Jay caress Leo face as he checks for pulse. He begins rubbing Leo’s chest under/over shirt and begins to unbutton shirt. Jay fondles nipples and removes his shoes. He plays with feet and goes back to fondling nipples and bellybutton. Dr Smith picks up Leo.

Leo is tied to chair, still wearing slacks and his unbutton shirt. He wakes up and yells for help as he tries to break free. Dr Smith comes in as Leo frees himself. Dr Smith places rag of chloroform over Leo. Once he’s out Dr Smith places hand through his hair and caress his face. Dr Smith worships body as he retires Leo and puts gag on. When Leo wakes up, Dr Smith is playing with his nipples-belly button. Leo struggles but Dr Smith says he’s going nowhere. He places electro pads on Leo as he licks nipples. Jay says he won’t remove gag until he cooperates.. Leo tries to scream as he continues to struggle. Jay zaps Leo a few times and Leo calms down. Dr smith rubs his chest and ask if he’s ready to talk? As he removes gag Leo demands to be released. Jay puts hand over his mouth and tells him he didn’t give Leo permission to talk. Another outburst and gag goes back on. He nods yes that he understands. Dr Smith ask what evidence does he have against him? Leo says kidnapping and yells for help. Jay puts gag back on and zaps away. After a while Leo calms down. Dr Smith kisses Leo chest and ask if he’s ready to talk? Leo nods yes. Leo says fuck you, and screams for help. Dr Smith puts gag back on. Dr smith is frustrated, and it appears Leo is about to free himself. So Dr Smith gets rag of chloroform to knock him out.

In the bedroom, Leo’s’ back is leaning into Dr Smith. He removes gag and starts caressing Leo’s face. Then Dr Smith removes his shirt, and kisses/fondles the chest, nipples, bellybutton and arms. He gently puts Leo down as he continues to lick and kiss torso. Dr Smith removes the rest of his clothing leaving Leo in his underwear. Close up shot of Leo as he wakes up. Dr smith puts one hand behind Leo’s head while the other covers his mouth. When he’s knocked out, he gently rocks face back and forth. Then Dr smith kisses nipples/belly button and fondles rest of the body as he ties him down to the bed. As he ties down his feet, Dr smith licks and tickles his feet. Leo begins to laugh when he wakes up. Dr Smith continues to tickle as his other hand opens pill bottle. Dr Smith gives Leo a pill and covers mouth until he shallows it. Leo goes into convulsion, and Dr Smith checks pulse when he stops. Dr Smith starts CPR. After a few rounds Leo wakes up. Dr Smith asks if ready to talk. Leo says fuck off. Dr smith chokes Leo until he flatlines. Dr smith starts CPR until Leo wakes up. Leo still refuses to say anything so Jay zaps with defibrillator twice. Dr Smith chokes Leo, and he pleads Dr Smith to stop. He admits there’s nothing proving he’s involved with patients disappearance. However, Leo knows the truth now, and says he going to the police. Jay says don’t worry I know what I have to do. Leo says his co-worker knows he’s here and will be suspicious if he suddenly disappears. Jay grabs rag and tells chuck time to go to sleep.

Leo is sitting up on gurney tied down. When Leo starts to wake up, Dr smith tells Leo to focus on the pendulum, Leo refuses to look at pendulum. It takes a while for Dr Smith smoothing voice to calm Leo down. Eventually Leo focuses on pendulum and goes into trance as his eyes roll back. Dr Smith tells Leo he will not remember anything that happened to him. He instructs Leo to tell the families that Dr Smith had nothing to do with their loved one disappearance. He also tells Leo to come back once a week for a “progress report.” He places a trigger word “PI Leo” to put Leo in trance next time. Leo response yes sir. Dr Smith releases Leo from the gurney and tells him to stand up. Dr smith rub, licks and kisses Leo chest, nipples, and belly button and says Leo reminds him of a super hero. Jay tells Leo to flex his dominate arm as Jay rubs and kisses bicep. Jay tells Leo to do double biceps flex as he rubs his chest. Jay gently punches Leo chest and abs to test his strength. Then Jay tell Leo to do Superman pose. Jay plays with nipples and belly button. Jay says to do superhero landing. Jay rubs his shoulders and caress his face as he runs his hands through his hair. Jay continues and tells Leo to do the flash pose. Not happy with pose Jay reposition and rubs Leo arms and legs. Chuck tells Leo to do Thor pose and worships his body. Dr smith tells Leo to get dressed. When he’s finished Dr Smith puts some folders in his hand. He instructs Chuck they’ve been looking at files for hours in this room and has no idea what happened to these guys. Leo says yes sir, then Dr Smith says wake. Leo comments he doesn’t see any connections and has no idea where these guys are. He looks at his watch and apology for taking so much time away from Dr Smith. He tells Dr Smith he’ll see him next week for a progress report. Dr smith says PI Leo and he goes into a trace. Dr Smith fixes his tie and rubs his chest and says yes you will. He says wake and Leo leaves unaware what happened to him.

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