Leo Giamani with Dr. Smith


This is a custom video and some things may have been changed from the script below. 13 min.

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Dr. Smith is on duty after a long day of patients in his exam room before a long weekend. He is alone and reminiscing about his encounter with Logan as he fondles the underwear he’d rammed in the boy’s mouth during his punching bag session. Quick flashes of the boy’s abduction and torment run through his mind as he brings the briefs to his face and takes in the remnant of the boy’s scent.

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Smith stashes his trophy in his bag and adjusts his lab coat and jeans a bit before answering the door. As he opens the door, Smith sees in the doorway a muscular and handsome stud in a tight, white tank top, shorts, tennis shoes, and sunglasses, holding a file folder under his arm and standing there with the assistance of either a crutch or cane and his knee bandaged.

“Dr. Smith is it? I’m sorry to barge into your office, but there doesn’t seems to be a receptionist or nurse out front so…” The handsome stranger sputters as he looks at the doctor.

“I sent everyone else home since we just finished a long day…Look, I’m sorry your knee hurts, but I’m really tired, so if you’ll call back on Monday morning, my receptionist can get you an appointment as a new patient.”

“Oh no, I’m sorry…I’m not here as a patient. My name is Leo and I work with Family Services. I’m a placement counselor, and…one of my clients, a young man named Logan…He’s been gone for almost a month now, and no one seems to know where he went.”

“Oh? That’s so sad. What does this have to do with me?”

“Well, he was an employee of your neighbors, the Jenkins, and on the day he disappeared, he was definitely there: his lawn equipment had been left there in the yard, and his truck was parked in the alley behind their house with the keys still inside.”

“Yeah, so?”

“I’m just checking with everyone in your neighborhood to see if anyone saw anything that day.” Leo winces in pain. “I’m sorry, but I twisted my knee at the gym last week, and it really hurts. Can I sit down?”

“Ummm, sure.” Dr. Smith pats his exam table. “Take a seat here.”

The muscular man hops onto the table. His armpits are very hairy. It’s a hot day, and he’s quite sweaty, and his smell is driving Smith nuts, even though his presence alarms the doctor. He stands close enough to rub Leo’s shoulders, and his abduction kit is inches away. Leo is clearly in pain as he adjusts his position, and that too makes Dr. Smith very hot. “Look Doc, I’m kind of desperate here. I was in charge of this kid, and I dropped the ball. I should have checked on him more. He was too trusting. I am just trying to find out what happened to him.”

“So you’re not here in an official capacity?”

“Nope. They let me…I took some time off after Logan went missing. He and I were…anyway, it all came out after the disappearance. We’d been together, and I couldn’t handle it and sort of dumped him right before he disappeared. I feel responsible, and I’m just looking for answers here.”

“So you two had a thing?”

“For a couple of years on and off. He was so trusting and I…He wouldn’t just run off like this. His truck was a piece of shit, but it was HIS truck, ya know…he would never just leave it there. Look, I used him and then fucked around on him, but now I just really need to know exactly what happened.”

“So he was like sixteen when you started up with him?”

“Yeah, I know. My dick gets the best of me sometimes. I have no right to ask, but can you help me?”

Dr. Smith debates his next move. “So you want to know exactly what happened to this boy?”

“I need to know!”

“Does anybody know you’re investigating this?”

“No…no, the cops think I may have…I just need to know what happened.”

“Okay,”. Smith says as he slams the rag over the confused man’s face. “But just remember you asked for this!” Leo is both surprised and terrified as the rag presses against his face, and he begins screaming and struggling to get free. The doctor’s grip is surprisingly strong though. “Logan was surprised, too. He thought nothing could happen to him before the day he came over for that glass of water. I bet you thought the same thing didn’t you, stud? A big musclebound oaf like you, always thinks he can handle himself.” Leo screams for help a few more times before his breathing slows. His eyes flutter and roll back in his head, and then he is still. Smith gently lowers him onto the exam table and poses him on his back. He strokes his legs and thighs and pulls off his shoes before caressing his feet. He strokes his way up the counselor’s body, sniffing the good bits along the way. Dr. Smith then rips open the unconscious man’s tank top and burrows his face into the man’s pits and chest, devouring his smells and nipples like they’re a meal. “Yes, you are gonna see exactly what happened to your boyfriend.” Smith whispers as we fade to black.

Cut to Leo on the floor in a corner of Smith’s bedroom, his hands bound behind his back with duct tape and his ankles bound with the same tape. His mouth is gagged with a nice smooth strip of tape as well. He is in the exact same position as Logan, bound and gagged, naked and terrified as he realizes his predicament and begins screaming his head off for help.

As Dr. Smith enters, Leo cringes and pulls away in fear, just as Logan did. Smith laughs at Leo’s whimpering and pleading into the gag. “Poor Leo, you get what you’ve wished for and now you’re all upset.” The Doctor begins roughly groping his prey, and Leo is much more of a fighter than Logan was, kicking and struggling to push Smith’s lecherous hands off of him, defiantly cursing him all the while. Smith responds roughly as well, cuffing the muscle stud across the face a few times when he fights too hard. “Calm the fuck down, Leo. Remember you asked for this! Now, Logan got so turned on that he jacked off for me. How are you doing down there? You gonna do that, stud?” Smith says as he grabs for Leo’s junk. The terrified counselor yelps as he is completely violated and humiliated, curling up in a tight little ball to escape the doctor’s probing hands. Chuckling, Dr. Smith smacks Leo’s beefy ass. “Now you need to man up for this exam, Leo. After all, you did ask for this, didn’t you?”

Smith produces a knife from his pocket and strokes his victim’s ass with the blade, causing him to yelp and cry out with fear. “Now relax and let me see you, Leo. Before I decide to cut something off of you!”

Terrified, Leo cautiously uncurls and allows the doctor to poke and prod his body. Whenever he resists, Smith puts the blade to his muscular throat and Leo whimpers and allows him to continue the exam. Eventually the humiliation is too much for Leo, and he begins screaming for help, forcing Smith to chloroform his prey into silence once again.

Cut to Leo, lying on his back on Smith’s bed, nude and encased in plastic wrap from shoulders to ankles. He is out cold and the camera travels up and down his body, examining it like a loin roast displayed in the grocery store. Leo is no longer gagged and awakens with a start before realizing where he is and what has happened to him. As he realizes his lack of mobility, everything comes back to him and he begins screaming, “Where are you, you sick fuck? What did you do to Logan? Goddamnit, show yourself, fucker! Come on, man, you don’t wanna make things worse for you! You’re already in too deep! Just let me go!”

Smith clamps a hand over Leo’s screaming mouth, which we see in a profile close up. As Leo squirms and whimpers under th doctor’s powerful grip, Smith toys with him, playing with his hair and discussing his plans like an evil super villain. “Now, I can’t show you exactly what Logan went through in the end because each labrat is different. You’re a man, not a boy like him. Your smell is different.” He takes a whiff. “Your taste is different.” He licks him from nipple to nipple. “What scared you, isn’t what scared him. And that’s what this is all really about: what scares my labrats. Leo, does pain scare you?” Leo is almost in tears, screaming and crying in helpless defeat. “Does it?” Leo nods adamantly. “Good! What about electricity?” This makes Leo go nuts screaming and thrashing about as Smith keeps him securely hand-gagged. “Well, let’s start with pain and then move into electrocution later, shall we?” And with that, Dr. Smith releases his grip on the terrified man’s mouth.

“You fucking psycho! What did you do to him? What are you fucking going to do to me? Oh God! Stop! Please just stop!,” Leo screams after his face is released, until the doctor places his finger on the man’s lips to silence him again.

“Shhhhhhhhh! There, that’s better. Now, you can scream all you want. No one will ever hear you, but this next bit is about self control.”

“What?” Leo whimpers, confused.

“I am gonna hurt you now, Leo, just like I hurt Logan, and you’re job is to not scream or cry out. Got it?”

“What? I…I don’t understand, please…”

Impatient, Dr. Smith clamps his hand back over his captive’s mouth and pinches his nose shut for emphasis. He holds it there as Leo begins to panic from the lack of air. “I am gonna let go in a minute, and when I do, NOT A FUCKING SOUND, no matter what I do. Understood?”

Leo let’s out a pathetic whimper in response.

“Nod If you understand me, you piece of shit, and I’ll let you breathe again.”

Leo nods emphatically trying not to whimper or cry out. Dr. Smith finally releases his nose and the musclebound captive gulps in air. His eyes begging for mercy.

“Now I’m gonna take my hand away and don’t you dare make one sound!” He removes his hand, and Leo’s eyes dart about wildly, wondering what’s to come.

The camera shifts to a full body shot as Dr. Smith prepares for this first round of punishment. Dr. Smith begins stroking Leo’s body through the plastic. “Getting hot in there? Sweaty? Feeling your body begin to overheat?” Leo squints his eyes shut and shakes his head, trying to wish this all away. Smith grabs him by the chin. “Open your eyes and look at me, you fuck!” Terrified, Leo complies. “Are you fucking marinating in that plastic?” Leo nods. Dr. Smith responds by kissing him in the forehead. “Good boy!”

Dr. Smith then moves to Leo’s body, beginning a series of open palm slaps on his chest and belly. Leo winces and stifles a scream or two as the slaps grown more intense. His body tenses with each blow. Unsatisfied with this level of pain, Smith eventual straddles his immobilized captive and begins punching Leo’s belly to get a response. After several solid hits, Leo can take no more and begins screaming, begging for the doctor to stop. Dr. Smith replies by shoving the chloroformed rag over Leo’s face, and shouting at him, “Shut the fuck up!” After a few moment’s struggle, Leo is unconscious and Dr. Smith removes the rag and roughly kisses Leo’s mouth as we fade to black.

Cut to Leo bound face up and spread-eagle on the bed, both his wrists and ankles secured awkwardly outstretched to keep him from struggling. His body is glistening with sweat, body hair matted down by the wetness of his body. His mouth is gagged with a white cloth tied between his lips. He is awake and vainly struggling against his bonds. He tried to scream for help as Dr. Smith secures electrodes to his chest and crotch. Leo whimpers in terror as each electrode is connected to a lead. He shakes his head and whimpers, “Please don’t!” Through the gag again and again.

Smith responds by firmly grabbing Leo’s jaw and looking him directly in the eye. “Don’t be a pussy! You asked for this! REMEMBER THAT!”

Leo shakes his head free of the doctor’s grasp and let’s out a loud scream for help. Dr. Smith responds by administering the first vicious jolt into Leo’s oiled and well muscled body. The man takes much more punishment than the boy did. His heart beats on as the pain become unbearable. He is begging through the gag for mercy until finally the jolt that stops his heart arrives, a long steady jolt that Leo convulses through.

Dr. Smith checks his vitals, removes the gag and administers CPR and Leo coughs back to life. Smith lies next to Leo now, he head tenderly resting on Leo’s massive chest as his victim slowly regains his strength and starts begging again. “I’m sorry I ever came here. Please…please just let me go, and I’ll just disappear. You can go on doing whatever the fuck you want, and I’ll just forget this all happened and disappear. Please just let me live, and I’ll never bother you again! Please! I beg you! Just STOP!”

Smith responds by covering Leo’s mouth and nose with his bare hand and smothering him out. Leo is soon unconscious, but still alive after a few gentle slaps from the doctor’s gloved hand. Smith lies back on that beautiful chest and nuzzles into the chest hair. “That’s better. I like you quiet.” He says as we fade to black once more.

Cut to Leo, strapped face up on the exam table. His mouth gagged again with duct tape. His ankles bound with tape as well. He is enraged and terrified, bucking and cursing and fighting for his life as the doctor prepares for his final act. “Fuck you!” He tries to get out through the gag! “Let me go!” Everything he says is all one angry desperate mumble as the gag holds securely.

“Now Leo, this is what finally happened to Logan too. I have to test my theory about electricity in doses making a heart stronger, and he like you made the ultimate sacrifice. No one misses him, and no one will miss you.” He applies gel to the difibulator paddles as Leo sobs and thrashes about impotently. “Now you won’t be joining Logan. The secret about getting away with this is never stash the body in the same location. Are you ready, Leo?”

Leo let’s out a pathetic sob and then shakes his head no, no, no repeatedly. “Well,” Dr. Smith says as he positions the paddles. “Let’s begin. Enjoy Hell, Leo.” He says as he sends the first jolt into Leo’s beautiful chest. He shocks him again and again until Leo lay there wide eyed and still. Then he gives him an additional jolt just for spite. He half-heartedly begins CPR because Leo knows too fucking much to live and Smith knows this. The gag is now removed and Leo’s face has a definite haunted expression, eyes wide with fear, mouth gaping. Dr. Smith checks his vitals one last time, and finding no pulse or heartbeat. He leans down and kisses Leo on his dead mouth as we fade to black out.