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Leo with Dr. Smith – ALL NEW


21 min.

Dr. Smith arrives at Leo’s home for a house call and finds Leo in bed. Leo seems dehydrated so Dr. Smith offers him some water which cause him to pass out. Then Dr. Smith feels up Leo’s body and moves him into different positions and enjoys playing with his limp body. Tired of just enjoying him on the bed, Dr. Smith drags him down the hall, bounds his limbs, and electro tortures him with the defibrillator. Once Leo flatlines he lies him down on top of him on the couch and injects his heart which cause Leo to wake up only to be choked to death (eyes left open for a time). Dr. Smith isn’t finished so he moves Leo to his lab and straps him down and starts CPR. Once his heart starts beating, Dr. Smith deprives him of oxygen over and over until he flatlines. CPR commences. Heartbeat is restored and Dr. Smith gasses him over and over as he tries to come around. Finally he spends a long time licking and kissing all over Leo’s chest/abs. Wait, Dr. Smith has one more thing in mind and gives him ECT till he dies.

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