Kyle with Dr. Smith


28 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product.


“A huge thank you for the video! Kyle is great and he plays the part brilliantly! As always you have brought the script to life with every detail and i’m very grateful!”

Please note in two scenes we have added a chloroform knockout part. Also, you will see two files you can download. One contains the edit without music and one with.

Scene 1:

Kyle is an IT repairman, he has been called to Dr Smith’s house to fix a broken computer. He appears at the door and Dr Smith shows him to the office. Dr Smith explains that he hasn’t been able to get internet an connection, so Kyle takes a look. Dr Smith offers Kyle a glass of water, he slips a pill into the water and hands it to him. Kyle takes a sip and continues working. Eventually, he starts to feel tired and begins to slur his words. Dr Smith asks if he is unwell and Kyle becomes dazed and confused. Dr Smith takes Kyle into the lounge and places him on the sofa, he puts his legs up on the sofa and rests his head on his chest. Kyle is still wearing shoes and is still fully clothed. Kyle’s condition worsens as he starts to become more poorly and confused. He begins to have a seizure as Dr Smith holds him. Gasping for breath he cries for “help me” but he falls unconscious. Dr Smith feels his body, as Kyle lies lifeless.

Dr Smith drags Kyle to the hospital room and lays him down on the bed. He is fully clothed and his full body is in view. He watches Kyle sleep, feeling him up as he does so. Kyle starts to come round, he asks where he is. Dr Smith lies to him and tells him he has been in an accident and that he must remain calm. Kyle begins to panic and hyperventilates. Dr Smith tries to calm him down by giving him oxygen, but he is struggling to breathe and has another seizure. He flatlines. Dr Smith rips open his t shirt and starts CPR, he is shocked with the defibs and eventually he comes round. He is still in and out of consciousness. He is twitching and writhing, head rolling slowly from side to side. Dr Smith slowly removes his shoes, revealing some plain, thin, white dirty ankle socks. His toes curl as his shoes come off. He tries to communicate with Dr Smith, but he can barely speak. He begins to hyperventilate again, this time Dr Smith starts giving him chest compressions whilst he is still half awake, he then shocks him multiple times with the defib paddes. Each time his eyes open in pain, he gasps for air and his toes curl. He then passes out.

Scene 2:

Kyle is topless, but lying down wearing sweat pants and shoes on. (Feet in view) He is dazed and confused, it has now been a few days. Dr Smith straps his arms to the gurney. Dr Smith puts Kyle in an upright position and begins to shock him with the defib paddles whilst he is conscious. After a while he removes his shoes, massages his dirty white ankle socked feet and sniffs them. He then resumes torturing Kyle until he has a fit and has to be lowers to be brought back to life. Kyle is now lying in a daze, writhing in pain, twitching, curling toes and gasping for air. Dr Smith removes his trousers leaving him in just his tight white underwear and dirty white socks. Dr Smith climbs on the bed and threatens to strangle him, Kyle pleads with Dr Smith, but he begins to strangle him again, his feet curl and arms flail as he struggles for breath. Once unconscious Dr Smith electrocutes his lifeless body, causing Kyle to convulse, foam at the mouth, eyes roll and toes curl.

Scene 3:

Kyle is lying in just his underwear and socks, he is underneath a white sheet, his socked feet slightly poking out of the end. He is attached to a ventilator, Dr Smith peels back the sheet slightly, revealing his bare chest. He places some electrodes on him to monitor his heartbeat. Whilst Kyle is still attached to the ventilator and unconcious, Dr Smith shocks him with the defib paddles, each time the shocks get more powerful. Kyle’s body is shocked and his toes curl, but he remains lifeless. Kyle opens his eyes and starts to struggle, he is trying to break free. Eventually he frees his arms and takes out the ventilator tube, he removes the plug from the monitor, leaving the wires from dangling from chest and starts to escape. He finds himself in Dr Smiths house, wearing only his boxer shorts and white ankle socks. He heads for the door but Dr Smith sees him, he tazers him and Kyle falls to the floor. He is then dragged through the house.

Scene 4.

Part 1 (Camera positioned at the head of the bed, giving us a full view of Kyle’s body from above.)

Kyle is once again tied to the gurney. He is under the sheet again, his socked feet visibly poking out at the end. Dr Smith places an oxygen mask on Kyle’s face. He begs to be set free but Dr Smith needs to teach him a lesson. He electrocutes him, forcing his body to convulse violently. Dr Smith keeps shocking him. Dr Smith then shocks him with the defib paddles, repeatedly. Kyle is losing consciousness, each time he is shocked his head lifts towards the camera and his eyes open in pain. His toes curl each time. Dr Smith removes the sheet, leaving him in just his boxer shorts and white ankle socks. He continues to electro torture him and shock him repeatedly with the defib paddles. Inbetween shocks Kyle is gasping for air, groaning in pain and pleading for help. Eventually he can hardly speak and just groans when he is shocked, eyes rolling. He continues to be shocked in a vegitative like state, eyes opening wide, toes curling.

Part 2 (Camera positioned at the base of the bed, with just Kyle’s socked feet in view.)

Dr Smith continues torturing him with electricity and defib paddles.

Scene 5:

Kyle is in full view (socked feet in view), sat upright on the hospital bed, but in a semi-vegative state. He is wearing only his socks and tight white boxer shorts. His eyes are wide open, mouth open, his feet touching one another, completely lifeless. Dr Smith lifts his arm up, it drops. He then moves his other arm, it also drops. He then feels up his chest, to no reaction. Dr Smith then puts a chord around Kyle’s neck, he begins to choke, but still in a semi-unconscious way. He barely moves, just the occasional gasp for air and twitching/curling of his socked feet. He lowers the bed and injects Kyle . He begins to convulse, foam at the mouth, toes curling and eventually dies.


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