Klein tries to pull one on Dr. Smith – ALL NEW (reviews)


25 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below.


“I bought Klein CPR to treat myself for my birthday. It was probably the best video I purchased from you! The video quality is superb, Klein’s acting is amazing, and his body is 10/10 – he is such a fine man in that buttoned shirt. Lots of defib scenes – which I like. What could be a better birthday treat than seeing a muscular hunk being shocked multiple times until he flatlined? The cherry on top – he was dragged across the hallway with AED pads on his bare muscular chest!! Thank you so much for the effort on producing such quality video. Looking forward to more CPR contents with Klein. Say hi from me to Klein – please congratulate him on such amazing acting. Stay safe and keep up the creative work!”

“Good job with the Klein custom, really enjoyed it. The way Klein rolls his eyes back as he’s being knocked out is awesome. Hopefully he’ll be back, it appears you guys work well together. Plus Klein just has that look you want to humiliate. LOL”

Jay discovers Klein is selling ( a rare coin or Star Trek memorabilia) that he’s been dying to have. After doing some research about Klein credentials, Jay is convinced he’s a legit dealer. Jay contacts Klein and he agrees to bring the item over for inspection, after they agreed on a price.

Scene 1

Jay answers the door, welcomes Klein in, and they head for the kitchen (if you think living room works better go for it). Klein takes out the item from duffel bag and hands it over to Jay for inspection. Jay finds it odd that Klein didn’t use gloves dealing with item. Jay asks Klein how he was able to find the item as Jay grabs it. While Jay inspects the item, Klein tells the story how he acquired it. Jay notices numerous flaws to item, and the more Klein talks the more his story doesn’t make sense. Jay asks for the certificate.  Klein grabs one from the duffel bag and hands if over. As Jay suspected the certificate is a forgery, and is convinced Klein is a conman. Jay ask if he has other clients he’s seeing today, and Klein says he has 3 more customers after him. Jay holds up the item and says everything looks great.  Jay mentions it’s worth every penny and tells Klein  he’ll be right back with the cash. As Jay leaves we see Klein facial expression change to exhilaration as he managed to scam another customer. Close up shot of Klein face as Jay sneaks in and places rag of chloroform over his face. As Klein struggles, he slowly falls asleep. Once he’s out, Jay checks Klein duffel bag. Everything in there is a forgery. Jay caress Klein face, disappointed such a hunk turned out to be a scammer. As Jay runs his finger through Klein hair, Jay knows can’t allow this guy to continue stealing money from people. Jay leaves and returns with some supplies. Jay gags and handcuffs Klein. As Jay unbuttons Klein shirt he rubs his chest and abs. After a while Klein wakes up to Jay worshiping his body. Klein tries to free himself, and Jay tells him to relax. Jay shows Klein the item he almost bought and says he knows it a forgery.  Klein nods no to the accusations. Jay continues to kiss/lick his nipples as Jay places ECT pad on Klein chest. Jay rubs Klein shoulders and asks Klein to nod yes or no if he’s sure he wasn’t trying to scam him? Klein nods no, and scrams at Jay to release him. Jay begins to zap him. When Jay turns off the machine, he asks Klein again if the item is a forgery? (Klein nods no, or screams fuck you.) Jay increases voltage and repeats the question a couple of times. After several zaps, Klein stops moving. Jay checks to see if he he has a pulse. With no pulse detected Jay removes the gag and handcuffs. Jay places Klein on the floor and worships his body before he begins CPR. When Klein is revived Jay grabs rag of chloroform and knocks him out. Once he’s out, Jay caress Klein face and tells Klein he can’t allow him to scam other customers. Jay stands up and drags Klein down the hall way.

Scene 2

In the bedroom, Jay throws Klein on the bed, and he starts waking up. Jay knocks him out again, telling him to go back to sleep.  In classic 911 pose Jay gets on the bed and worships Klein face, chest and shoulders. Jay finishes removing Klein shirt. Jay plays with his nipples and belly button. Jay places his hand over Klein heart and feels it beating. Jay lays Klein down and removes his shoes and pants. Jay takes out some straps from the nightstand. As Jay straps Klein to the bed he worships every inch of his body. When Jays finishes strapping Klein legs and hands down, he wakes up. Jay asks how many people he scammed? Klein tells Jay he’s a legit dealer, and demands to be released. Jay tells Klein he’s lying. Close up of Klein face as Jay places both hands on his throat and slowly strangles Klein. Once Klein stops struggling, Jay places his head on his chest. Jay notices there’s still a beat and Klein tries to break the strap. Jay straddles Klein and strangles him again. This time Klein flat lines and Jay checks pulse to make sure. Jay begins CPR. When Klein is revived Jay blindfolds Klein. Jay gets on the bed and rubs his chest-abs-arms-legs as Klein protest. Jay grabs a flower and waves it near Klein nose then places it on Klein chest. The flower has a sedative that claims Klein. Klein doesn’t notice Jay releasing him from the straps. Once Klein’s hands and feet are free Jay grabs the flower, and leaves the room. After a few moments Klein is fully awake and realizes his hands are free. He removes the blindfold and scans the room for Jay. Realizing Jay is gone, Klein gets up and leaves. As Klein walks down the hallway he still doesn’t see Jay and moves quicker towards the front door. As Klein gets near the front door he becomes dizzy (a side effect of the flower). Jay walks up from behind and catches Klein as he collapses into him arms. Jay drags Klein down the hallway.

Scene 3

Klein wakes up and finds himself strapped down to a gurney only wearing his socks and underwear. When Jay walks into room, Klein tells Jay he’s in big trouble. Jay puts his hand on his neck and checks his pulse. Jay mentions he’s heart rate is good, and asks Klein if he’s ready to confess he’s a conman? Klein insists he’s a legit dealer, and tests the restraints. Jay kisses-licks his nipples and bellybutton. Jay grabs a pill and tells Klein to open his mouth. Klein refuses so Jay forces Klein to open his mouth. When Klein finally opens his mouth Jay puts the pill in his mouth and keeps his hand over his mouth until he swallows it. When Klein swallows pill Jay releases his grip. Klein asks Jay what he swallowed? After a few seconds Klein starts convulsion and flat lines. Jay worships Klein body before he begins CPR with defib. When Klein is revives Jay caress Klein and asks how’s he doing? Klein tells Jay to fuck himself. Jay laughs and says I take it your doing well. Jay places mask on Klein which deprives him of oxygen. When Klein flat lines Jay caresses him then performs CPR. When Klein is revived, he remains defiant so Jay causes Klein stomach to vacuum in and out. Afterwards, Jay removes his socks and sucks-licks them. Despite everything that is done to Klein, he refuses to admit he’s a scammer. Jay injects Klein’s neck with syringe and knocks him out.

Scene 4

Klein finds himself with his hands bound to the ceiling, while Jay worshiping his body. Klein test the resistant and screams for help. Jay tells him nobody can hear him. Klein mentions the other customers will report him missing, and Jay says he’s not worried about that. Jay starting oiling Klein body and worship it. Jay plays with his bellybutton and nipples. Klein begins to show signs that he’s about to break. Jay gets his taser and zaps it near Klein ear. Klein pleas not to be shocks. After a few zaps, Klein pleas for Jay to stop. Klein confess he’s was trying to scam Jay. Klein admits that’s not his real name. He’s been impersonated the real Klein who’s a legit dealer. Satisfied he got Klein to confess, Jay zaps Klein continuously. When Klein is unconsciousness, Jay caress Klein face and says nobody will miss a conman.

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