Jonathan + Logan get lost

Belly Button, CPR, Feet

20 min.

Jonathan and Logan’s car breaks down outside Dr. Smith’s home and he allows them inside and offers them a drink. They both slowly pass out and Dr. Smith starts to feel them up before he drags them down the hallway and into an empty room. Now they are both laying next to each other and Dr. Smith removes Logan’s clothes (while feeling him up) and then spends some time worshipping his feet (socks on and off). Then he moves to Jonathan’s feet and spends some time enjoying his feet. Dr. Smith moves Logan onto a massage table and oils up his upper body. Suddenly Jonathan appears and Dr. Smith knocks him out. Dr. Smith isn’t done so he chokes Jonathan to death. Logan comes around while Dr. Smith is out and tries to bring Jonathan back but Dr. Smith grabs him and chokes him to death. Dr. Smith starts CPR (mouth to mouth) on Logan and then connects wires to them both and shocks them over and over. Neither one of them make it.

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