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15 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product. Demo coming soon.

I. A guy comes to see Dr. Smith. He complains of chest pains that occur from time to time.

First, the doctor must conduct an initial medical examination of the patient. He asks the guy to take his shirt off. Then Dr. Smith carefully examines the patient: he listens to his heartbeat, during which the guy must first breathe normally, then take a few deep breaths and hold his breath. After that, the doctor measures the blood pressure, which is normal. At the end of the examination, the doctor conducts a thorough palpation of the patient’s naked torso in order to exclude intercostal neuralgia. All manipulations of Dr. Smith do not bring any discomfort for the guy.

The doctor says he doesn’t see any heart problems now. He proposes to do an additional examination of the heart under load on the treadmill. The guy agrees.

III. The patient is laying on the operating table. His legs are covered with sheet. The guy is heavy and deeply breathing.

Dr. Smith puts an oxygen mask on the guy’s face, attaches electrodes to his chest. Then he begins examination of the patient. The doctor listens to breath and heart beating, looks over his pupils.

Suddenly the guy breathing quickens sharply. He takes a few quick breaths and then takes one last breath, a loud exhalation and loses consciousness. Please try to make the last exhalation as noisy as possible.

Guy’s heart stopped. Removing a sheet, Dr. Smith begins resuscitation of completely naked patient. He uses cardiac massage, ambu bag and defibrillator. After a few minutes of resuscitation, the patient’s heart starts. But he does not regain consciousness and cannot breathe on his own. Dr. Smith intubates the guy and connects him to a respirator.

IV. The patient is connected to the respirator. There is only guy in the frame for several minutes, the doctor does nothing. Please, in this episode, set the camera so as to get such shooting angles (not sideways horizontally):


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It would be very sexy if our model had an erection in this scene. I don’t really insist, but maybe you try?

In few minutes Dr. Smith is appearing. He is checking of patient condition (he listens to the heartbeat, check the pulse on the carotid artery, check the pupils and so on). The doctor is surprised that the patient has an erection in this situation, he enjoys the guy’s penis. The doctor lightly strokes the patient’s erect penis (if our model does not mind, then you can masturbate him a little).

After a while the doctor noticed that the guy’s heart stopped again. The doctor begins to resuscitate him. He is using the defibrillator, cardiac massage, ambu bag and so on. The patient is intubated in this time. Oxygen is supplied through a tube in his mouth.

A few minutes later the guy’s heart begins to beat. But he is still unconscious. Dr. Smith switches the respirator on again.

V. After some time, while still on the respirator, the patient gradually begins to regain consciousness. He is slowly opening his eyes and then trying to extract the tube from his mouth. Noticing that, Dr. Smith stops and pacifies the guy, switches the respirator off and removes the tube from patient’s mouth.

The guy is very weak, he can hardly speak incoherently. Dr. Smith says that the patient’s condition has stabilized a bit, so he can put a new medicine drip on the patient for complete healing. The guy agrees.

The doctor ties hands and legs of the patient to the table. Then the doctor puts the dropper (attach it contingently with plaster).

Everything is going well. Doctor Smith has to leave the patient unattended on some time. The patient stays alone.

Suddenly the guy starts an allergic reaction, he begins to choke. The patient tries to call for help, but nobody comes. Then he loses consciousness, his heart stops.

The doctor comes. He sees the lifeless body of his patient and begins CPR. Use a defibrillator, cardio massage, Ambu bag and so forth.

It will be very sexy, if during all resuscitation, the guy’s mouth will be ajar, and his head is turned to the camera.

After several minutes of resuscitation, the guy’s heart starts beating, but he remains unconscious. The new drug damaged his brain. The patient cannot breathe independently, he needs to be connected to a respirator.

VI. The guy is connected to the respirator again. Oxygen is supplied with lower intensity than in previous episodes. Here the patient’s chest must rise slightly higher than normal breathing. I think it will make it easier for our model to play the rest of the episodes because he must be on a working respirator for the rest of the video.


Dr. Smith wants to stimulate guy’s brain with electricity. He attaches electrodes to the patient’s forehead and supplies electricity through them several times. After this procedure the patient needs to be subjected to several tests to determine brain death.

Raise the chair back a little (like this)

During the tests the guy stays to be connected to the respirator. Make follow tests: 1. The response of pupils to light (Shine a flashlight into each of his eyes)
2. The response to pain (press on the nails on the feet of the guy with the scissors)

3. The response to pain (pinch the patient several times for both nipples).

All tests did not give a positive result. Patient’s brain died.

Dr. Smith switches the respirator off. The patient stops to breath (let our model hold his breath). The doctor removes the tube from the patient’s mouth, hangs a tag on his foot, covers the body with a sheet.


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