Johnny enjoys escort Austyn – ALL NEW (purchase link fixed)

CPR, Unwilling Escort

18 min.

Johnny and Austyn are working out and try to encourage Jay to join them by showing them certain “easy exercises.” Jay gets exhausted pretty quick and offers the guys something to drink. Austyn starts to feel really exhausted and passes out. Jay tells Johnny that Austyn is now his play thing for the next hour as Johnny hands Jay some cash.

Johnny gets down on the floor and flips Austyn over and starts exploring his body and then drags him through the living room, down the hall, and into the bedroom. Once on the bed, Johnny does eye checks, licks/sucks his nipples and belly button, and tosses him around on the bed.

Austyn comes around and believes he just passed out from exhaustion and he struggles to get up and around and then Johnny pushes him against the wall and starts to strangle him. Johnny drags him back to the living room and up on the coffee table where he performs mouth to mouth CPR. Jay comes in distraught over what has happened and knocks out Johnny.

We now see Austyn with electrodes all over as he is shocked all over his body. He comes around and is tortured till he he knocked out again. Jay calls his next client and offers a 2 for 1 special.


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