Jackson with Dr. Smith – ALL NEW

Belly Button, CPR, Hypnosis

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Dr. Smith is working on reviving his latest victim Lars when the doorbell rings. Upon answering the door he finds a hot young stud shirtless. The guy tells him he is looking for his best friend who was last seen in the area selling pest control. Dr. Smith invites him inside to use his phone since he left his cell at home. While in the process of calling his friend, Dr. Smith puts him in a choke hold until he passes out.

Then he drags him down the hallway and places him on the bed next to his friend. Dr. Smith isn’t done reviving Lars so he gets back to work. Jackson comes around slowly but he is hooked up to the ECT and Dr. Smith shocks him till he is back under. Lars gets a pulse and Dr. Smith handcuffs him and throws him off the bed. Now he starts worshipping Jackson’s body, licking nipples/belly button etc. . . Then he drags him off the bed, down the hallway, and into his garage lab where he strips him naked.

Jackson starts to come around and gets knocked out after a struggle. Dr. Smith reconnects the ECT and starts shocking him over and over again. Jackson’s breathing becomes erratic and he flatlines. Dr. Smith works hard to revive him but nothing is working when suddenly he gets attacked from behind by Lars. Lars is still handcuffed so Dr. Smith injects him and he passes out. He sits Lars up and as he comes around hypnotizes him and commands him to bring Jackson back to life. Dr. Smith feels up Lars while he does compressions and ambu bag. Jackson comes around and Dr. Smith hypnotizes him and commands them both to forget what happened and to go home.