Ethan wants to see the light


18 min.

This is a custom video originally written for Tyler and now featuring Ethan. Some changes have been made to the script below in the final product.

Scene 1:

Dr Smith spots Tyler outside waiting for a bus, but it appears to be late. Dr Smith calls him in and offers some help to look up bus times. Tyler reluctantly comes to the door and accepts help. Tyler asks Dr Smith does for a job, he is excited to find out Dr Smith is a doctor and he asks if he can come in and ask questions. As Tyler and Dr Smith sit on the sofa Tyler informs him that he has always been fascinated with the concept of ‘death’ and longs to experience life after death. Tyler asks if Dr Smith will stop his heart and then resuscitate him, Dr Smith is reluctant. Tyler begs to be killed so he can be brought back to life. Then, out of nowhere, Dr Smith tazers Tyler until he falls unconscious. Dr Smith drags an unconscious Tyler to his hospital room.

As Tyler lays on the hospital bed (full body, including feet, in view), Dr Smith removes his jacket and cuts open his t-shirt. He injects him, causing Tyler to convulse. Afterwards he starts to come round, Dr Smith asks him if he saw the other side? Tyler explains (in a weak state) that he almost reached the light and asks Dr Smith to stop his heart once again. Dr Smith shocks him with the defib paddles, he repeats this, each time between shocks Tyler becomes more and more dazed and weak. Eventually he flatlines. Dr Smith removes Tyler’s shoes to reveal some thin, plain white, dirty ankle socks. Tyler’s feet twitch slightly when they are freed. After feeling up his feet, Dr Smith resumes CPR and defibs, each time Tyler’s eyes open and his toes twitch as he is shocked.

Scene 2:

Tyler is sat upright in the hospital bed, dazed and in pain. He is topless, with jeans and his shoes on. Dr Smith ties his arms to the bed so he can’t move. Tyler is in a bad way, it is clear he hasn’t enjoyed the process but cannot fully formulate a sentence to communicate this, Dr Smith toys with him. Dr Smith picks up the defib paddles and shocks him, repeatedly, each time Tyler’s eyes widen in pain and he starts to struggle for breath, groaning each time he is shocked. After the 5th or 6th shock Tyler’s shoes gradually fly off, revealing his dirty, white, sweaty ankle socks. Dr Smith continues to shock him, he is enjoying it. Tyler is left writhing and frothing at the  mouth, he  can hardly speak, eyes rolling, toes curling. As Dr Smith looks away Tyler in his weak state tries to undo a wrist strap, but Dr Smith witnesses this and tells him that he isn’t finished with him yet. He lowers the bed and injects him again causing another convulsion. Afterwards Tyler is slowly writhing, as if in a daze, toes slowly curling, fingers twitching, head rolling slowly from side to side. As this is happening, Dr Smith removes Tyler’s jeans revealing some fitted, plain white boxer shorts. Dr Smith feels Tyler up, caressing his thighs, legs, socked feet and kisses his chest and torso.  As Tyler is half awake, half writhing, he continues CPR and defibs. Each time Tyler’s toes curl as he is shocked and his eyes widen in pain. Between shocks he gasps gradually for breath, groans occasionally and can be heard trying to speak words such as ‘no’, ‘please’…etc. Eventually he flatlines.

Scene 3:

Tyler is lying lifeless on the bed, he is only wearing his white ankle socks and white boxer shorts. Dr Smith attaches a tube/incubator to Tyler’s mouth. He then attaches wires to his chest and head. Tyler is electro tortured whilst still unconscious. His eyes still open, but they are lifeless, his body convulses, toes curl etc. Dr Smith repeats CPR on Tyler whilst he is unconscious. . He gradually lifts the bed up, Tyler is sat in an almost vegative state, tubes still in, he starts to foam at the mouth, eyes slowly rolling, feet crossed together and slowly twitching. Dr Smith asks if he’s learnt his lesson, Tyler cannot speak. Dr Smith squeezes on his tubes, which cause him to struggle to breath, his toes curl and he gasps for breath, but he remains in a vegetative state.

DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLE: Camera is positioned at Tyler’s head, socked feet in full view.

Dr Smith places an oxygen mask on Tyler and shocks him repeatedly, as well giving chest compressions. Tyler is writhing during and inbetween, eyes opening wide as his head tilts backwards towards the camera. His head moves from side to side in between shocks, as his toes curl and eyes roll.

DIFFERENT CAMERA ANGLE: Camera is positioned at Tyler’s socked feet, his socked feet are almost taking up full view of the camera, although we can still see his full body in the distance.

Dr Smith electro tortures him one last time. After he has flatlined he is shocked with the defibs repeatedly, as well as CPR. His toes curl throughout.

Scene 4:

Tyler is lying on the gurney, he is now in grey sweatpants and his white ankle socks. Tyler’s face and chest are dirty, as if he has been tied up for days, if not weeks. He is very weak, writhing, head turning from side to side, legs and feet moving slowly around the bed as his toes and he groans from pain. Dr Smith enters, he tells Tyler he should be careful what he wishes for and that he will die and slow painful death. Tyler’s eyes are rolling, as gaps of air come from his mouth, in between groans. Dr Smith shocks Tyler repeatedly with the defib paddles, Tyler reacts by struggling for breath, eyes widening and toes curling, but he can barely muster the energy to move properly. Dr Smith removes his sweatpants and starts to ‘feel him up’. He starts with his feet, massaging them as his toes curl and Tyler continues to writhe, groan and slowly gasp in a vegative state. He works his way up his legs, thighs, Tyler is enjoying it, even though he cannot fully communicate this. He then moves to his groin area, slowly massaging the area, Tyler twitches when Dr Smith gets too close to certain areas. He then moves up to his chest. As Tyler his still writhing, eyes rolling, toes curling etc, the camera goes free-hand and moves slowly up and down his body from a birds eye view. 

In a final moment, Dr Smith places an oxygen mask over Tyler’s face and slowly gasses him to death. It is drawn-outand takes quite some time for the life to drain from Tyler. Once he dies, a white sheet is placed over Tyler’s body, with just his socked feet poking out the end.

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