Jake’s bad heart – ALL NEW (review)


14 min.

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“Just want to say that the jake + Daniel cpr video was amazing! Love seeing Jake getting cpr like that and the nude cpr was the cherry on a perfect cake. The mouth to mouth was great and both models were so hot. Appreciate you took the time to do real mouth to mouth too. Love seeing Jake’s puffy cheeks and his chest rising effortlessly with every breath. By far the hottest cpr video. Can’t wait for more similar videos from you! Keep up the great work!”

Jake has just had surgery for a congenital heart defect and has been given an implantable defibrillator. His boyfriend Daniel and him are watching tv when he begins to have some symptoms and his heart is shocked. Jake refuses to go to the hospital so the two take a nap. Daniel wakes up to find Jake unresponsive and begins mouth to mouth CPR. Jake recovers. The two go for a run days later and Jake tells Daniel he kinda finds CPR hot and wants to try it out on Daniel. Daniel hops up on the kitchen counter and they role play a bit. Jake takes a shower and is found unresponsive again and Daniel works hard to revive his naked body.

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