Austin CPR part 3


10 min.

This is a custom video and we followed the script as closely as possible with some changes. We originally called this model Andy before switching to Austin.

Andy is coming to the doctor for a physical as he wants to pursue a sports career and he needs a clean bill of health to be admitted into sports. Doctor asks Andy to undress to his trunks and perform a variety of exercises. The last exercise is on the treadmill. He is running smoothly. Suddenly he feels a very strong pain in his chest. You see him reaching for his chest. He starts to have problems breathing and is gasping for air. He can just switch off the treadmill, utters loud noises of being in pain and falls then with a loud smack on the floor, suffering a MASSSIVE heart attack. He is crying out of pain, his body is twitching in pain, and you see him exhaling some final breaths. In a subsequent shot, he is spread-eagled on the floor, mouth wide open and he is not breathing at all. He is for all intents and purposes dead.

Doctor immediately applies CPR, defib, mouth to mouth etc on the spot. We see the doctor trying to bring life into his hot body. We see the doctor making various attempts and doing everything he can, but Andy does not give any sign of life. [if Andy would do fully naked, doctor should remove his trunks here, and he should remain fully naked for the rest of the story, alternatively two videos are made, one with and one without trunks]. Doctor is also shaking Andy’s body in a hope two wake him up, but that is of no help.

In a next shot we see the Doctor arranging Andy on the treatment bed in the treatment room. Andy’s body is very limp (that should be emphasised), and his mouth is still open. Doctor takes the opportunity whilst Andy is arranged on the treatment bed and giving no signs of life to caress his hot chest and abs and going over his hairs. Doctor regularly checks whether there is a pulse or heartbeat and also lifts Andy’s limp arms and head to see if there is any sign of life, but there is nothing.

Doctors gives it a last try with aggressive CPR and electroshocks. We see Andy’s body moving and with heavy convulsions during the electoshocks, the voltage of which is raised every time. After several attempts, doctor feels a light pulse and you see Andy slowly gaining consciousness. He is very dizzy and weak. He stumbles a few words and is capable of making himself understandable by asking what had happened. Doctor tells him he had a massive heart attack and had to be brought back to life. Doctor is caressing his body, head and hair to make him comfortable, reassuring him he will take care of him. We see the hot body of Andy for a while in a resting position.

You see Andy slowly getting more uncomfortable, touching his chest in discomfort. He starts to breathe heavily, noisy and erratic. He then suddenly lifts his head and chest, muscles all tensed and gets another MASSIVE heart attack, uttering loud noises of being in pain and a loud final breath (inhaling loudly, head moving up and mouth wide open, eyes are rolling, again like the fantastic noises made by Alexander in his videos). His body is dropping on the bed, his head is dropping and rolling over and he lies on the medical bed with his arms, legs and mouth wide open. You see and hear some final gasps for breath and he then exhales his last breath (we must be able to hear and see that). That position is shown for a while so that we can enjoy his body.

Doctor decides there is only one remedy left if he wants to bring him back to life and he gives Andy an experimental gas. After the mask has been removed, Andy gets an allergic reaction to the gas, suddenly lifts his head and torso, utters a loud breath, but goes immediately into heavy convulsions (also of the arms and head, as Alexander was doing so well in his videos), you hear him gasping for breath during the convulsions. After the convulsions, his body drops on the bed with his arms and mouth wide open. You see and hear some final gasps for breath and he then exhales his last breath (we must be able to hear and see that) and he finally dies.

You show the motionless body of Andy with arms and mouth wide open from various angles so that we can see his body well. This lasts for quite a while so that we can enjoy the beauty of Andy. Doctor caresses his body whilst regretting he could not save him. In a final shot we see the Doctor covering the body with a sheet. This ends the story.

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