Anthony with Dr. Smith part 2

Belly Button, CPR, Hypnosis, Unwilling Escort

18 min.

Anthony comes over to study with Brad but he isn’t home. Dr. Smith invites him to wait in the living room till he returns. Anthony gets curious and wonders down the hallway calling out to Dr. Smith. As Anthony turns the corner he sees to feet protruding from the bed sheets with a toe tag visible. Anthony pulls out his phone to call 911 as Dr. Smith comes up behind him and knocks him out. We now see Anthony and the body dragged down the hallway. Anthony is no propped in a chair, handcuffed, and felt up and kissed by Dr. Smith (eyes checks). Dr. Smith then puts tape over his mouth and leaves the room. Anthony comes around and stumbles into the entry way and Dr. Smith comes up behind and injects a liquid into his ear. The liquid cause him to confuse and die. CPR commences and once he is around he is dragged to the bedroom. On the bed his body is worshiped and he is stripped to his underwear. Dr. Smith licks his belly button and feels up his feet a bit. Dr. Smith leaves and he escapes. In the next scene we find him being oiled up and tapered in the garage. Finally Dr. Smith secures him to a chair and makes him watch the hypno spiral coupled with audio and strobe. Now that he is programmed he makes him give him a back massage, act as a footstool, and make out with him.

Note: Anthony gets hard in some scenes just cause he is turned on.


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