Amir’s med massage – ALL NEW (review)



“Amir, Amir, Amir. Damn what a hot piece of meat. I’m more into CPR then muscle stuff but geez watching him getting oiled up was so hot.”

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product. Amir only gets naked and does NOT get hard.

Scene with Amir

Amir has been exercising in preparation for a sports competition he will participate in. We seem him finishing some of the last exercises with weights. After his exercises, he wants a good massage. Amir is put on the massage table (trunks only, or entirely naked if possible) and we see doctor give him a massage, massaging his pecs and abs, his nipples, his legs etc. Amir enjoys the massage and dozes off. We can admire Amir’s body whilst he sleeps. The massage continues.

If Amir does nudity, we see that Amir gets a hardon during the massage. His cock is rock-hard whilst he dozes off.

Suddenly, during the massage, Amir wakes up from his sleep as he starts feeling uncomfortable. He wakes up, his breathing becomes more and more erratic, his hand reaches for his chest, he is gasping for air (repeatedly, in the way how Alexander was doing so well in his clips) he is sucking his stomach whilst seeking for breath. He mumbles that he cannot breathe and cries for help. His body is twitching, convulsing, muscles all tensed up and whilst touching his chest he gets a massive heart attack. He utters a massive final breath, his head and torso is rising from the massage table, we see further gasps of breath and his body then falls flat on the massage table, his arms spread and he stops breathing.

If Amir does nudity, we see his body lying on the massage table, still with a hardon.

Doctor immediately applies CPR, bagging and defib to start his heart again. Various electroshocks are also applied of various strength to bring Amir back to life. We see his body reacting heavily to the ever stronger electroshocks with heavy convulsions. Amir remains flatlined. Doctor continues with CPR and the electroshocks and after further attempts, he feels a light pulse. Amir is still unconscious but seems to be out of danger.

In the next part of the scene, Amir is on the gurney in the “hospital setting”. Doctor feels him up whilst he is laid on the gurney. We admire Amir’s body whilst the doctor feels him up. If Amir does nudity, we see his body lying on the gurney, naked. Doctor decides to intubate Amir to make it easier for him to breathe. We see stomach sucking during intubation. Doctor feels Amir up during the intubation, we see him caressing Amir’s torso during intubation, which lasts for a while. Amir slowly comes around and is still very dizzy and weak. He asks what has happened and doctor tells him he got a heart attack during the massage.

Amir is left on the gurney to recover from his ordeal whilst the doctor attends other patients. He dozes off again as he is very weak. We see him sleeping on the gurney, whilst we admire his body. That lasts for a while. He suddenly wakes up, gasping for air, mumbling repeatedly for help, his torso rises up, muscles all tense up and he goes into cardiac arrest. With a massive final breath he flatlines and his body drops hard on the gurney, spread eagled and mouth wide open . The doctor arrives and tries to save him by applying CPR, defib, electroshocks and bagging. After various attempts, Amir remains flatlined. Doctor then lifts his limp body (emphasising limp body with dangling arms and head) and applies some CPR. We see Amir’s lifeless body and dangling arms and head whilst doctor applies CPR on him in that position. That remains without result, and doctor arranges Amir’s lifeless and limp body back on the gurney.

Doctor then injects him with a powerful medicine to revive him. At first nothing happens and Amir remains lifeless. We can all admire his lifeless body for some moments. Doctor feels Amir up. After a few minutes, Amir violently wakes up and gets an allergic reaction to the drug. His body (Including arms and legs) is twitching and convulsing heavily, he is gasping for air, sucking his stomach repeatedly in search of breath, mumbling for help. The doctor is in a panic and does not know what to do. We see the violently twitching and convulsing body of Amir, all tensed up, uttering loud noises and loud gasping for air (as Alexander did so well in his clips). He then utters a massive final long and loud breath, and his body then drops hard on the gurney and after some final gasps of air he exhales his last breath which we can clearly hear, and Amir dies, mouth wide open.

Doctor first feels for a pulse and is then shaking Amir’s body to wake him up. We see the very limp body of Amir.

Doctor pronounces Amir dead. He then caresses the lifeless body of Amir for a while, after which he arranges the body on the gurney to prepare it for the next of kin to greet Amir.  We can now all admire the lifeless and properly arranged body of Amir for a while which we get to see from various angles. This ends the story.

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