Amir + Brad say yes – ALL NEW

CPR, Hypnosis

33 min.

This is a custom video and some changes have been made to the script below in the final product. Demo coming soon.

Scene 1:

Amir, Brad, and Dr. Smith are roommates. Amir and Brad are working out in crop tops and shorts barefooted when Dr. Smith comes into the room. He asks both guys if he could practice hypnotism on them. He explains he needs to practice so he can improve his skills, and they both agree, as long as he doesn’t make them do anything too weird. He tells them they have nothing to worry about and proceeds to hypnotize them. After they are hypnotized, Dr. Smith turns to Amir first. He asks him if he can touch him, to which Amir responds, “yes sir.” Dr. Smith begins fingering Amir’s navel and rubbing his stomach. He then asks if he can touch his nipples and chest, to which Amir responds “yes sir.” He spends some time touching all over Amir’s chest and stomach, including licking. He asks a couple times if Amir is enjoying it and Amir answers “yes sir.” After enjoying Amir for a few minutes, he asks the same of Brad, who also responds “yes sir,” and he spends several minutes enjoying Brad (belly button stomach, nipples, chest, licking). He also asks Brad if he is enjoying the attention, to which Brad responds “yes sir.”

Dr. Smith then decides he wants the guys to interact with each other. He asks Amir to take off Brad’s shirt and to touch Brad’s chest, stomach, and nipples (licking if the guys are comfortable). He then asks the same of Brad, to take off Amir’s shirt and touch Amir’s chest, stomach, and nipples (again with licking). He then asks both guys to strip to their underwear, and asks them to make out, as passionately as they can. He then asks both guys to do a sexy dance, while he spends time feeling both of them up. He then has them lie on the floor where he continues feeling them up, kissing and licking their chests and stomachs. (If you want to insert some other hypno commands for your hypno crowd, feel free!).He then has both guys put their clothes back on and wakes them both but before doing so says they will go back to sleep anytime he snaps and says “sleep” and obey any commands and will wake from the trance only if he snaps again and says “wake.” They both respond with “yes sir.”

Once Dr. Smith says “wake”, both guys come to and ask how it went. Dr. Smith says they did fine, and promises them they didn’t have to do anything too weird. They have no memory of all that has transpired. Dr. Smith then says he would like to have some more fun. Confused, the guys start to ask what he is talking about and then he snaps and says “sleep.” Both guys instantly go back into their trance. He asks them to make out some more, while touching each other’s’ chests and stomachs. After a few minutes, he commands them both to walk to the bedroom.

Scene 2

Once they are in the bedroom, Dr. Smith instructs both guys to lie down on the bed and close their eyes so it looks like they are asleep. He proceeds to feel both guys up after pulling up their crop tops, paying close attention to their nipples and belly buttons, again with licking. He then strips them down to their underwear, and once their clothes are off he snaps and says “wake.” Both guys come out of their trance, realize they are nearly naked, and start to protest. Dr. Smith says they were all just having some fun and as they try to get up he snaps and says “sleep.” Both guys fall back onto the bed, in the trance again. He then instructs Amir to tie Brad down to the bed. Once he is tied Dr. Smith instructs Brad to close his eyes. They both spend time worshipping his body for several minutes, including his feet and legs. Dr. Smith then wakes Brad, who starts to ask “what’s going on?” and begins pulling at his bonds. Brad then asks Amir for help, and Dr. Smith says “he can’t help you right now.” Dr. Smith then proceeds to strangle him with a belt, while Amir stands there watching without reacting. Brad lies there struggling and choking and trying to ask for help, until he dies, eyes open. Dr. Smith closes his eyes then instructs Amir on reviving him. Amir starts giving him CPR, and after that doesn’t work, they try a few shocks with a defibrillator. After several rounds of CPR and defib, they find a heartbeat. Dr. Smith removes the electrodes from Brad’s chest and gently shakes him until he wakes up. When he wakes, he proceeds to hypnotize him again.

Dr. Smith then unties Brad and instructs Amir to lie down on the bed with his eyes closed, and he instructs Brad to bind Amir. They proceed to worship Amir’s body, including his legs and feet. After a few minutes, Dr. Smith wakes Amir, who asks what’s going on and struggles against his bonds, asking Brad for help. Dr. Smith says “there is nothing he can do for you” and injects him with a solution to stop his heart, saying it will help him relax. Brad stands there watching but not reacting. Amir goes into convulsions until his heart stops and he dies. Dr. Smith then leads Brad through reviving Amir with CPR and defib. After several rounds of each, they find a heartbeat and Dr. Smith takes the electrodes off his chest. Dr. Smith gently shakes him awake and hypnotizes him again. Once he is hypnotized, Dr. Smith unties him.

Next, Dr. Smith tells Brad to sit on the bed in front of Amir. He then instructs Amir to worship Brad’s body. He spends time touching his nipples and belly button. He wakes them both, and they act all awkward about being so close and realize again they are only in their underwear. When they start protesting Dr. Smith snaps and says “sleep,” and they instantly fall over and go back into their trance. He then instructs them to swap places, and makes Brad spend time worshipping Amir’s body, again touching his nipples and belly button. He then instructs both guys to lie on the bed with their eyes closed. He proceeds to worship their bodies some more, remarking how lucky he is to have such hot roommates. He lays his head on their chests, feeling their heartbeats. He then says it’s a shame they can’t be left alive. He proceeds to cut off Brad’s oxygen by hand gagging him. Brad wakes from the trance as he can’t breathe and struggles and twitches for a bit before he dies, eyes open. Dr. Smith closes his eyes. He then does the same to Amir. Amir wakes from the trance and begins struggling and twitching for a while before he also dies, eyes open. Dr. Smith closes his eyes and takes some time to enjoy their bodies some more and leaves them lying there dead. He makes a comment about needing new roommates. We see a few shots of their bodies lying there, including some close-ups.

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